Are You Ripping People Off?

First: what does it mean to rip someone off?

One way to define it is simply failing to give full value; representing that you're giving your best, when in fact you're not.

By this measure…

If you're not building your business as big as you can, you're ripping people off (your customers, vendors, suppliers, employees and affiliates).

You're even ripping off your competitors, by failing to set the bar higher (and this driving them to greater levels of success).

Stop ripping people off.

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  • That’s an interesting extension to make. Lately I’ve come to the same conclusion though, after years of self-induced solopreneurship. Time to find a cause and go big again.

    • C’mon, Juho! Light a signal fire so we can all see what you’re doing!

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  • Thanks “Radio”.

    I couldn’t agree more that the two are not mutually exclusive.

    A big revelation for me has been to not let my “small business” make me “small minded”.