Ayn Rand On Permission

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  • Fear directs an army of commandos that conspire and connive to stop you. His chief lieutenants include Procrastination, Habits, Compromise, Negativity, Slack, Shoddy, Lazy, Indecisive, Regrets, and Lack. But thank God for the general of an even mightier force that comes to your rescue. Choice commands a greater group of warriors, including fighters named Faith, Resolve, Action, Attitude, Resources, Prioritizes, Celebrations, Fun, Joy, Creativity, Discipline, Boldness, and Wisdom. You can go and do more than you ever thought possible…small choices can make big differences in your life.

  • It first comes from Faith, and then knowing all will be well. =)

  • Raj

    Great quote from a great book — The Fountainhead!