Declare Your Independence Today

Today is Independence Day in the United States.

July 4th is the day we commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

By signing that document, our Founding Fathers threw off the yoke of bondage and declared our freedom as a nation.

The declaration was bold. Brave.

And it required backing up.

While there was courage involved in making the declaration, courage had to be backed up with fortitude. The willingness to fight the battles. To suffer the bloodshed.

To pay the price.

The result: the greatest experiment in democracy and freedom the world has ever known.

On the holiday when we commemorate freedom, it is good to contemplate what freedom means to each of us as an individual.

Why not use today as sort of a “prophetic marker” for your life?

Instead of waiting for January 1st, why not decide to change your life today?

What bondage exists in your life that you would like freedom from?

Whether it's financial, emotional, spiritual, or physical… why not declare your freedom today?

Of course, making the declaration is easy. Remember, there might be battles to fight, in order to hold on to your newly-declared freedom.

But isn't freedom worth the struggle?

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  • MattVestrand

    I’m declaring freedom from the bondage of debt!
    My toil is enriching another mans house and I’m tired of it!