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I have a number of things I wanted to communicate to you today, and it’s kind of a potpourri of thoughts…

… but they all center around the theme of “freedom”.

We start with freedom from poisonous infections in your brain, that sabotage your business and success. I wrote a post about this yesterday (in response to something Jeff Walker wrote on his blog). I’d really love to get your comments and feedback on that post.

Next is the subject of freedom from debt. I believe that the number one financial plague in America right now is that of consumer debt. Here’s one free video that shows you how to start getting out of debt.

Finally, wouldn’t you love to have more time freedom in your business? For many of us, getting our free time back would be as simple as hiring a few new employees. But that can be a challenge for people in today’s environment. Unless… you could hire those employees for free. Watch this video on getting free employees.

Please note that for both of the programs above, I have an involvement in the project. So if you end up buying anything from either of those companies, I stand to gain financially. Cards on the table.

Have a great weekend!

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