How Many Ideas Have You Killed?

Did you ever have a “great idea” for a business or a project, and then “think it to death”? In other words, turn it over in your mind until the shine was off it, and you were no longer excited about it?

What happens next is… you don’t follow through on the idea, right? It just didn’t seem as exciting as you first thought it was.

I wonder what would happen if you started implementing your ideas so quickly there wasn’t time for the shine to wear off?

One thing for sure: you’d get more ideas shipped.

Seems like that might be a good thing.

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  • The inability to implement the logistics behind my ideas has been my biggest “stopper”. Not so much because I thought about it “to death”, but simply because I'd start moving forward but couldn't implement all the logistics involved before another great idea hit and I started moving forward on that.

    Yes, admittedly I'm a starter and not a finisher, but I find that when I start something, that it snowballs into many different things that need to be changed/adjusted in order to get to my main goal, and I just can't do it all or learn it all myself (being a wife, homeschooling mother of 5, and online Pregnancy Consultant).

    Thankfully the Lord has provided funds to hire a Video Production Manager to manage the video production team I have in place, and I'm expecting he will at least be able to drive those projects to completion… which will drive more traffic to my sites (via Traffic Geyser, which was gifted to me) and I'll make more sales to keep him on and to hire more assistants to develop/complete all of my great ideas.

    I don't go into debt for my business – it's taken me 3 1/2 years to get where I am now, but I love what I do, helping couples conceive the children they desperately long for. I know that what I teach works (I have over 100 success stories) and as long as the Lord wants me to further His work in this area, I will strive to do reach as many couples as I can.

    Knowing my weakness of being a starter and not a finisher, coupled with being able to hire others who can compliment my weak areas, should make for getting more jobs completed and more ideas “shipped”.