How To Get An 80% Opt-In Rate

graph_line_up_and_down_1The problem with opt-in pages is: everyone is copying the same old model.

To see a model that's getting up to 80% opt-ins, take this quiz.

After you take the quiz, you'll get a video that will show you how to build opt-in pages that average between 60-80% conversion from visitor to subscriber.

You'll even get a download link to a free beta of the software that creates these opt-in pages for you. Seriously. No “upsell”. No “one time offer”.

I'm going to be testing the software on my own pages, and I will update you with the results.

For now, I recommend you give it a try yourself: get the software here.

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  • ed

    Hey Ray,

    I took the quiz and downloaded the software. It looks like a great tool…but how do you get the quiz that I create to send me the email addresses?

  • Ray Edwards

    That feature may be in the free upgrade — so make sure you register with a valid email so you GET the upgrade!

  • Use the Power of the Quiz!

    You know about the sales technique of asking for yes’s to get a final yes to the offer.

    The quiz technique is a leap into web 2.0 .
    Don’t ask questions to just get yes’s.
    Ask for thoughts, feelings and opinions.

    Let them reply in text fields or with radio buttons.

    You can then have responses ready appropriate for each answer.
    is one source for free quiz code.

    Get the visitor actively involved and participating, then offer them a solution to their problem.