How To Sell Anything Online

The Story: Lots of entrepreneurs don’t seem to know the best format for talking to, interacting with, or selling to their customers.

The Point: Get information or products to your customers… in the format they prefer!

The Resource:

3-Step Plan For Finding The Right Way To Sell Online:

1. Find or develop a list of your customers and prospects.
2. Ask your customers or prospects what they want.
3. Give them what they want.

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6 thoughts on “How To Sell Anything Online

  1. Hey Ray great stuff plus I want to thank you for the great seminar in vancouver recently….
    I have attended alot of seminars over the last couple of years and found this one to be “Jam packed” with good content,plus thanks to you I won the flip video 🙂

    We have already used it twice at our own classes for testimonial’s it is much better than a video camera.
    We are working on our own product ( 8 CD set) right now and hopefully in the near future we can hire you to explode our sales.
    Thanks again Ray!