iPad Business Lesson

Stop offering so many options.

What is the iPad?

It’s essentially a stripped-down MacBook Pro. No keyboard, no optical drive, and a smaller screen.

The iPad does only what most people actually do with their Apple laptop: email, surf the web, play games, and watch music or movies.

No, it’s not the ideal machine for writing a novel or editing video. But that’s just the point. If you realize that most people do only a few things with their laptop… and you realize you can eliminate expensive things like the keyboard and optical drive… you can simplify the device.

You can make it cheaper.

You can sell more of them.

And you can make more money – by offering fewer options and features.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Business Lesson

  1. GREAT post Ray. Sometimes stripping out the bells and whistles and just keeping a product simple will make it more attractive for new customers. Then offer “upgrades” afterwards once they become more familiar and want more features.

    This is a similar model that Jason Fried and the guys at 37 Signals used when creating Basecamp. Keep it brain dead simple in the beginning. Getting people in the door and using your product is more important than having the “most features” that nobody is actually using.