Money Won’t Make You Rich

And poverty won’t make you righteous.

Being a slave to money doesn’t necessarily involve having it.

The best way to help the poor may not be to become one of them –  and poverty for righteousness’ sake may simply be a way to avoid the responsibility that comes with wealth.

Worth considering.

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2 thoughts on “Money Won’t Make You Rich

  1. I agree, but I always felt like I want to live in poverty for a period of my life, so I can properly know what it's like… Although, choosing to live in poverty wouldn't really be the 'real thing', more a construction of my own brain and being, because I'd know that I could save myself from it whenever I choose to; thus defeating the perpetuation of poverty. I've never really been one to hold much importance in wealth, it just seems like it's a disease. People go to surprisingly great lengths to acquire something that's all around them, even doing things they don't want to or normally wouldn't.

    I believe it all stems from every person's desire for wealth and status, as well as the egotistical nature of the human brain. We're all end up in the same place, the only difference is how we get there, albeit our brain wouldn't have us believe that.

  2. I agree that being poor doesn't make you right and that having money doesn't make you free (if you are a slave to money). But as far as taking on the responsability that comes with wealth, it may be different in your country, but where I live rich people do everything they can to avoid carrying their fair share of the social load. By sharing your skills and knowledge with everyone, you take on some responsability that comes with wealth, but are you the norm or an exception ?