Picasso on Creativity

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  • john

    Is this Picasso Quote what we are commenting about? No problem either way Ray, love your work and thanks! – my thoughts…

    If Pablo’s quote is for comments:

    Yes, I suppose, Pablo, and also: aren’t specifics needed to make sure that what is imagined (believed, conceived, achieved) is doable, workable believed to be such at some point? Helpful more than not and maybe something to consider before digging in with the “$10. one chance to pick a winner, words have now flown” budget? It’s like one problem solving formula (CPSI) looks for “solutions”, when an idea is singled out to achieve (I believe) they call it a “solution”. Really? Thought a solution was when you solved something? False Starts are real and avoidable to those who are prone to also imagining the 6 w’s right? (Right, BTW: the 6th “W” is “HOW” looked at in a mirror – for those who thought there were only five) But… See my point anyone? Wan to disagree, fine, love to hear about it but make sure that the chewing gum (idea) imagined to stick that mirror u in your bathroom has more than some tack to it ok? 😉
    I like to get the abilities and resources known and available, sure, being an opportunist is great (I imagine that there are free 1,000 dollar bills being printed on the North side of Pluto 🙂 but really Pablo? Also, I believe most weren’t born able to draw like you were as you said.
    Just trying to keep it real for us mere mortal folks (when I go for a goal I like to be bolstered with confidence that it is in fact somehow possible typically – helps to not take a nose dive during the process right? and (BTW), I am a dreamer, idea type of right brained guy. “Brainstorming For Real!” New Book, watch for it ok? (not really, just trying to be ONE with you guys :), but write it if you can imagine it, will like to read it when your done. Don’t forget to defer judgement like Pablo seems to have done very well, though. Then Converge to focus right? This may be a bit more challenging when you’re expecting to see that printing press on Pluto sometime soon.

    PS – I prefer to stay in Hyperspace after the motivational speaker gives their talk also. Call me strange right? OK, hopefully harmlessly sarcastic at times maybe. Try not to be cynical though! Don’t think Pablo was this right?! There, so above I “hitchhiked” on that “Great Man’s” (P. P.) thought. Could this be what Pablo intended all along? He got too much right to discount what he said either way no doubt 🙂 (My contour drawings in no way resemble his abilities either)