South America Now Seems Interesting

Without going into a lot of detail, my sudden interest in South American comes from this: my 20-year-old son decided that before he heads back to college this Fall, he's taking a 3-week trip South America.

His mother and I were not thrilled to hear this news, but Sean is a mature, level-headed young man. He's also an adult and we couldn't stop him (our favorite parenting tool, absolute authority, expired when Sean became 18).

So without warning I developed a keen interest in all things South American. And you know what I learned?

The world is a personal place.

We often don't care about people and locations because they don't seem to have any personal bearing on our lives. All it takes is an announcement from one's child to change all that.

We'll be paying attention to the news from South America for the next 3 weeks. And if you're a praying person, perhaps you'll remember Sean Edwards in your prayers, asking for a safe trip for him and his friends.

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  • Just wanted to let you know been praying for a safe & great trip for Sean and his friends.
    Keep up the great work. Loving your tips.

  • I have friends in South and Central America. 95% of the people in South America want to raise their families, and better themselves. Unfortunately, a few crazies do exist. The American Media Machine, does a good job of making it sound like all South Americans are machine gun wielding, drug dealers, bent on revolution and anarchy.

    I will pray that Sean and company will enjoy a safe visit to the continent with the wisdom to stay safe.

  • Ray,

    It’s a small world. I homeschool my 11 year old daughter (one of the many, many, many benefits of working from home and financial freedom) and this year she has taken an interest in the Mayan civilization.

    So we are currently planning a 2 week archeological trip through Central America in the Spring.

    We will definitely keep Sean in our prayers. (And look forward to hearing about the highlights of his trip!)

    Eric Graham

  • I really appreciate all the responses I’ve gotten about this both here and via email. Thanks so much everybody — I’ll follow up with some details and maybe some of his pics from the trip when he gets home (end of this month).

  • Fortunately for me, I was born in Panama, and I am very happy to live in Mexico. I went to very fine schools in Panama and Mexico, and I ended my formal studies at Tulane University (1963-1967)… I know Panama, Mexico, and Brazil, and several of the Caribbean islands…

    I can tell you that “South America” is beautiful, and your son will probably love it…

    I’ll pray for your son’s safe and happy return, but please pray for me too: I am going to Los Angeles in November…

  • Jens

    I moved to Brazil two years ago from Denmark and have only had positive, rewarding experiences here (including getting married two months ago!).

    If Sean+friends are still in South America – Brasilia, Brazil specifically – my wife and I would be more than happy to receive them.

    Good for him he is doing this trip. Im sure it will be a very maturing experience.

  • Ray,

    We just “adopted” a boy form Bolivia through Compassion. We send $32 a month and it pays for his physical needs, as well as spiritual and educational. Since doing this, we knew very little about South America. A few days before we committed to this boy, we started learning the countries of SA and their location. I found irony (& providence) in the fact we received a card for a young boy in Bolivia.

    Now my kids want to take a trip to Bolivia to visit him. That’s something we’ll have to plan for the future.

  • Travel is a great teacher. I’m sure he will cherish the memory of the trip for the rest of his life.