Stand For Something

What do you stand for? I mean you as a business?

Perhaps you are a one-person shop, or perhaps you are a big company with hundreds of employees.

It doesn't matter. You need to stand for something that matters. In today's cluttered marketing environment, standing for something is the only way you're ever going to stand out.

Most people (and companies) are afraid to say what they stand for-because they don't want to upset anyone. Forget about that. When you stand for something, you can count on someone being upset with you. That's good-it means they were able to figure out what you stand for.

Now let me be clear: I'm not saying you should purposefully anger people. I'm just saying that if you're being authentic to who you really are, you will inevitably have a polarizing effect on people. Don't be afraid of that; embrace it. It's what will bond you to your best customers. And those are the people you serve, so it's good for you to let them know you're standing there, right alongside them.

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