Human beings have a remarkable ability that is likely unique; the ability to consider what our response will/should/might be to a given stimuli.

Some will argue that apes or dolphins or dogs have that ability too; I doubt it, but that misses the point.

How often do you consciously choose response, instead of just reacting out of reflex or conditioning?

Really, really consider that question.

The honest answer may surprise you.

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2 thoughts on “Stimulus/Response

  1. I would say the older I get the more I consider my responses to any given stimulus. Sometimes my gut reaction is very different to the intelligent one I come to after a moment of thought.

  2. This is the very purpose of marketing, is it not?

    But if we don’t apply the lesson to every area of life, we’re not using one of the gifts our Creator has given us uniquely.

    Why do you always have to be so deep, Ray?