What Were You Put Here To Do?

I believe you were created to do great things.

I believe every one of us was endowed by our Creator not only with “rights” but also with “potential”.

And I believe part of our mission here on Planet Earth is to unlock that little mystery box and enjoy the potentials that have been embedded inside us.

You may ask, “If we were created with that potential, why does it have to be a mystery?”

Because, sunshine, that’s what makes it fun.

Believe it or not.

So… homework for today?

Start working on your own “mystery box”. What were you sent here to do?

And if you don’t believe all that stuff about being “sent here” to do something… just pretend: what if you WERE sent here to do something? What would it be?

And what on earth could be more important than (a) figuring that out and (b) DOING it?

If you think this has nothing to do with business… well, you’re just not thinkin’ hard enough. 😉


Ray Edwards

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