Wimpy Copywriters Have Skinny Kids

"Wimpy copywriters have skinny kids."

That's what my good friend Michel Fortin (a great copywriter) says, and he's paraphrasing the great sales trainer Zig Ziglar (the original quote was "Wimpy salespeople have skinny kids.").

Here's why this is important to your sales copy:

In the beginning, you only have one chance to grab the reader's attention. That chance is the HEADLINE.

Make sure your headline is strong, aggressive (without being pushy), and compelling.

Think of your headline as the sales pitch to get the prospect to read the whole ad, letter, or web page.

You get one shot. You can't afford to blow it.

A poor headline for an automotive shop:

"Our Experienced Staff Can Tend to Your Every Automotive Need, And Are ASE Certified with the Guaranteed Lowest Prices."

A much better headline for the same client:

"Hidden Mechanical Problems With Your Car Are Threatening The Health And Safety Of Your Family!  Our 9-Point Safety Inspection Could Save Their Lives – And Give You Peace of Mind…"

Try it! It will make a difference.

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  • Problem – Potential – Solution – Result
    That’s a great formula for a headline. Thanks