Be Your Own Copywriter Enrollment Agreement

By joining this program, I attest that I have read the terms and conditions of this offer and furthermore I understand, affirm and agree that no results reported in any Ray Edwards videos, manual, training courses, or any other material shall be interpreted as a promise of any income. All results reported are unusual and rare. I further understand, affirm and agree that this monthly training with Ray Edwards is an ongoing training program, and that I will be charged each month until I cancel. I understand that I may cancel at any time. Every month, I will receive an email notifying me of the release of Ray’s new monthly training. I understand that it’s my responsibility to submit questions or to join the LIVE monthly training, or to access the recordings. I understand and agree that if I cancel, I will no longer be billed, but the charges from the previous month(s) are not refundable. I also understand that when I cancel my subscription, my access to the membership area and all prior training will be revoked. I may cancel my membership at any time by sending an email to [email protected].

By registering today, I agree to this GUARANTEE: If you don’t write effective sales copy for your offer, I guarantee you will leave money on the table and lose sales as a result. If you are asking if there is a money-back guarantee, then the answer is no. Here is why…We are looking for students who are committed to their own success. Students who are committed to completing the program, submitting their copy for review and rewriting until it is optimized. We are looking for students that understand writing sales copy is a process, not an event.

I can request any other assistance I may need at [email protected].

Other terms I have read and agree to:  Earnings Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms.