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Beth Schmeisl

Beth Schmeisl is a freelance copywriter and a copywriter/scriptwriter for the mega-successful ad agency, Harmon Brothers. (Yes, the agency that makes companies millions with video ads about unicorns that poop ice cream, rolling cars off cliffs, and singing about armpit-stink).

She’s also a former mom-blogger who helped her readers declutter their homes and simplify their lives (even before the Marie Kondo/Netflix-craze). 

Things that Beth gets a kick out of (and maybe you do too) ….

  • Videos, emails, and sales pages with personality and effective sales copy.
  • Helping business owners “declutter” their message and their marketing efforts.
  • Working with businesses and entrepreneurs to create a clear brand voice that jumps out from the page.
  • Singing in the shower.
  • Helping brands have wildly successful launches and advertising campaigns!
  • Giving in-depth feedback to improve existing websites, sales pages, video scripts, and email sequences to drive bigger results.

If you have a brand or business, it deserves better than confusing, boring, or salesy copy. 

Work with Beth to create campaigns that make your brand more likable and sought-after than ever before.

Contact [email protected] or visit the link below and click “work with me.”

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