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Charles Gibson

Do you need help with messaging for your video marketing?

Or real estate marketing campaigns?

If so, “I’m your huckleberry.”

Copywriters and novelists are amazing wielders of words, yet movie directors don’t use them. They hire a scriptwriter to adapt the novelist’s words to the screen. Or the scriptwriter will write an original screenplay.

So, if you’re serious about excellence in your video marketing, act as a director. Hire a scriptwriter. You may not be making Tombstone, but you are using the same power of SOUND, IMAGES, and STORY that filmmakers use. And these are the tools of the scriptwriter’s craft.

Next, there’s the production phase, where, without guidance, you could waste precious money and time on video equipment. As a videographer myself, I’ll show you how to get the biggest attention-getting bang for your buck.

Once it’s written, shot and edited, then what? You’ve still got to market the video. But how?

“Why Should I Hire YOU? What Have You Done?”

I grew up on an Iowa farm doing what comes with farming and raising horses.

At seventeen, I placed third in the Iowa State Film Festival in a field of more than 200 entries. 

By nineteen, I’d written, shot and directed a 35-minute silent western movie—on Super 8 film… starring my family of six and my grandma and our horses.

From there, I went to film school.


  • A master’s degree in film and video production
  • A feature-film screenplay credit, The Printing
  • A decade teaching university film production and screenwriting
  • 20 years of active duty military public affairs/broadcast journalism in many countries.

If I’m Good Enough for These, I Can Help You, Too

I’ve written scripts for and directed personalities such as Coach Lou Holtz, Attorney General Alan Wilson of South Carolina, and Stan Spears, former Adjutant General of South Carolina and countless military officers and generals.

Organizations I’ve written, shot and/or edited videos for…

  • Michelin (Detroit Auto Show)
  • The Hershey Company (2019-2020 Grant Program)
  • The University of South Carolina (Coliseum Grand Opening)
  • SCNG Credit Union
  • Palmetto Military Academy
  • SC Youth Challenge
  • Counterdrug Program

If You Need Real Estate Copy:

I write direct response copy for investors and agents.

I’ve spent more than two decades investing in and rehabbing houses; my wife is an agent.

Real estate has its own lingo… and issues. You need someone who's talked to hundreds of buyers and sellers and knows how to engage them.

If you need direct response mail, email or web copy for real estate, I can write for…

  • Expired listings
  • Probate
  • Absentee Owners
  • Tired Landlords
  • FSBO
  • Military transfers
  • and more…

Let’s chat now to get you started.

Email me at [email protected]

Visit my site at or click the link below.

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