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David Mulvaney

Want To Sell More Stuff?

Good copy is the ONLY thing you need to make your marketing systems massively profitable.

I'm David Mulvaney; I'm one of the most – in-demand – least expensive – most profitable – copywriters there is.

But you probably CAN’T hire me.

You’re thinking, why is this guy bragging about being inexpensive…

I’ll get to that once you know why I rarely write for others.

I write copy and set up direct response marketing systems for my companies and for a very select few people who I feel a deep personal connection.

One of those people is Ray Edwards.

 – If you want to discover the secrets to great copywriting –

And what drives people to spend massive amounts of money so decisively that their hands shake with excitement trying to get the card out of their wallet…

Ray’s your guy.

What amazes me about Ray Edwards is he reveals EVERY copywriting secret for free.


All you have to do is…

  • Read his books and thousands of blogs posts
  • Listen to his podcasts and audiobooks
  • Watch his YouTube and Tik Tok videos
  • Sign up for all of his free offers

Simply engulf yourself in tens of thousands of hours of Ray’s content, and you'll succeed.

Great Copy Can Make You Millions…

– Why not shorten the curve by thousands of hours? –

If you want to take the express train to a massive increase in sales, get Ray and his team to mentor you…

– OR –

Hire One Of Ray’s Certified Copywriters

Ray’s Certified Copywriters are EXTREMELY well trained.

How do I know…

As one of Ray’s Master Copywriting Coaches – I read and critique student’s copy, and by the time they are certified –

Their Copy Sells.

Good copy can pay for itself THOUSANDS of times over.

Look, copywriting changed my life, and it can change yours.

I've had multiple 8-figure product launches because of “good copy” – good – not great.

That’s why I’m the least expensive copywriter you can hire because good copy doesn’t cost money

It Makes It Rain

And my copy makes millions.

If you want to learn to build generational wealth, I’ll show you how to use your business to drive consistent cash flow, so you never have to worry about money again.

“One less thing.” – Forest Gump

If you are an established entrepreneur looking to build wealth…

My bulletproof formula will help you amass a fortune and KEEP it.

Discover the 4 pillars of wealth that can weather EVERY financial storm.

Are you up for the challenge?

Meet me at and download My Wealth Formula

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