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David Mulvaney

For the past 27 years, David Mulvaney has been a self-employed entrepreneur and has built sales, marketing, and distribution channels that generated over 100 million in sales during that period of time.

Those types of sales numbers don’t happen by accident; Dave clearly understands sales and marketing.

It may sound like entrepreneurial bliss on the surface, but one of those businesses stole thousands of dinners with his family, countless hours in airports and hotels all around the world, and worst of all, ten years of his life evaporated before he realized it needed to change.

It was no longer about the money; Dave got his life back and has made it his vendetta in life to end Entrepreneurial Slavery one entrepreneur at a time.

There are only two reasons a business will fail, not enough sales and too much debt.

If you fix the sales problem, you can eliminate the debt.

The easiest way to get an unlimited supply of sales is by crafting your marketing message in such a way that your products and services become irresistible to your ideal clients.

Are ready to design your dream business?

Can you picture what your life would be like if money weren't a problem?

Can you picture having the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Dave became a Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter to assure that he could help you craft your marketing message in such a way that it positions you as an expert in your industry and makes your clients trust that you will help them transform their lives.

Dave helps coaches, mentors, speakers, course creators, and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses by one to three million in sales in the next 12 months.

Dave’s client expectations:

  1. You must believe in yourself and your vision.
  2. You must be willing to take action now.
  3. No negative people.
  4. No whiners and complainers.
  5. No quitters.

Take the first step to your dream life; schedule a call with Dave.

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