REI Certified Copywriter

Dr. Douglas Pew

Doug is an email marketing strategist and copywriter who helps course builders, seminar hosts, membership site owners, eComm stores, MLMers, and SaaS companies get hoards of paying fans using his R.O.C.K.S.T.A.R. Copywriting FrameworkTM.

He has written successful email sequences and sales letters for major influencers in the digital marketing industry such as Ray Edwards and Social Media Examiner.

His rigorous and unforgiving, repetitive and thorough training as a Ph.D. composer of classical music…through years of schooling, performing, composing, conducting, teaching, and analyzing music…has given him x-ray vision to see structures and trends that help him write copy that converts prospects into loyal, paying customers.

“Dr. Douglas Pew is a prodigy who has seamlessly channeled his musical gifts into orchestrating copy that is powerful, persuasive prose that will bring you profits. And what’s more, it will be copy you can be proud of.”

– Ray Edwards, A-list copywriter

“Copywriter Doug Pew has tremendous work ethic, positive energy, follow-through and attention to detail. With both high level analytical and creative skills, he’s very good at breaking things down as well as putting things together. Keep an eye on this guy—he’s going places!”

– David Garfinkel, the world’s greatest copywriting coach

Clear your throat, and get ready to sing!

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