REI Certified Copywriter

Elizabeth Marks

Whether you want more leads, more clients, or more sales, creating your own lead-generating cashflow machine will make that happen.

Don’t know where to start?

No worries, Elizabeth Marks, a Ray Edward's Certified Direct Response Copywriter, knows exactly what you need and writes persuasive and actionable copy that gets results.

Not only does she have a technology background, grasp of systems, and an understanding of streamlining processes to squeeze out every ounce of efficiency, she also knows simple improvements can boost your copy performance fast!

Now, you can leverage Elizabeth’s know-how.

Elizabeth loves helping women business owners scale their business by taking the stress and hassle out of writing direct response copy for…

  • Product launches to sell your products faster than a rocket ice pop on a hot summer day!
  • Sales funnels to grow your list and increase your sales automatically.
  • Email campaigns to nurture your contacts into deeper engagement with you and ultimately buy what you offer.
  • Websites that produce qualified leads and convert leads into paying clients.

She also provides…

  • Strategic website audits to point out areas for improvement and influence your content strategy.
  • Copy critiques to pump up the performance of your copy to get results.
  • Marketing strategy sessions to identify the best approach for your marketing goals.
  • Copy coaching to strengthen your own copy chops!

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