REI Certified Copywriter

Jeremy Cunningham

Have you felt the displeasure of reading sales and marketing copy you’ve spent time and money on and saying, “No, that doesn't sound like me,” or “Ugh, this isn’t right at all.”

For more than fifteen years, Jeremy has helped individuals and small businesses say, “Yes, that’s it! That’s the writing I want!”

Jeremy combines two unique skill sets to create well-crafted copy that gets your customers to take action.

First, Jeremy has an advanced degree in religion. What does that have to do with copywriting?

Well, sales and religion have a lot in common. Both help people envision an ideal future, and both show people the path that others have used to get there.

Jeremy writes copy that gives your customers a clear picture of where they want to go and how your product or services helps them get there.

Second, Jeremy has more than a decade of experience in the book publishing industry. He can help you develop an entire content strategy, from short slogans to books.

And whether you already have a book or are ready to create one, Jeremy can show you how to use book publishing to its maximum potential. Learn how to use your existing content to write a book faster than you thought possible. Or uncover revenue-generating opportunities from the book you already have.

Have you ever read sales copy with errors or typos? Did that add to your belief that the product would meet your needs, or did it plant a seed of doubt?

Jeremy has edited or proofread more than 200 books, so you can be sure your copy will meet high editorial standards—no embarrassing errors or typos here.

Jeremy has worked with a wide variety of clients, including individual doctors writing blogs and ebooks to expand their practice, large insurance marketing organizations selling annuities and health insurance to independent insurance agents, entrepreneurs selling educational products, and several book publishing companies.

With Jeremy, you get someone who understands the whole process of helping turn prospects into customers, but someone who also has a strict eye for detail.

But why trust what a copywriter tells you about their past successes (usually written in vague language that makes you wonder exactly what was accomplished)? How can you know if a copywriter is a good fit for you before you invest in their services?

Contact Jeremy to get a free review with detailed feedback that you can implement immediately to improve your copy. See results on your own products, not just endorsements from other clients.

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