REI Certified Copywriter

Juliana Stachurski

Juliana is a best-selling author, speaker, and consultant whose secret weapon in the fight against random acts of marketing is strong direct response copy. 

With a formal background in education and law, she has taught at several Universities; her gift for reigning in information chaos makes her lessons power packed and easy to apply.  

She is a Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter and Copy Coach.  Juliana has led multiple companies through hyper-growth leveraging technology to ignite rapid conversions.  

Her mission is to amplify good by ensuring entrepreneurs have the tools and resources to succeed. 

Juliana is an island girl at heart with a huge family on Maui and in the Pacific Northwest.  Food is her love language.

She currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee and is happiest enjoying good food and good music with her favorite people.

Genius Zones:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • ClickFunnels:  Funnel Architecture
  • Direct Response Copy

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