REI Certified Copywriter

Julie Cooper

Julie is a copywriter for nonprofits and corporations dedicated to doing good. Her mission is to turn the passion you have for your cause into words that produce results.

Julie’s specialties are fundraising writing, donor stewardship communications, and corporate cause marketing. She is also skilled in design… taking your project from conception to final form, complete with visuals and layout.

Julie draws on her many years of experience developing marketing promotions, leading sales teams, and writing content for NPOs and corporations. With Julie, your project will be handled with care, professionalism, and expertise.

If you’re a nonprofit leader who wants to spread your message and raise more money…

If you’re a foundation director who needs to carry out your charitable mission…

If you’re a corporate professional who wishes to expand your social good footprint…

Then you know the power of persuasive copy to mobilize supporters.

The problem is you’re either too busy to write all the materials yourself… or the writers you work with don’t maximize your opportunities. So, you recognize the value of bringing in a specialist.

Whatever your situation, Julie is ready to compose the marketing messages and tell the stories that…

• Build trust

• Persuade people to take action

• Create raving fans for your organization

Connect with Julie to see how she can work with you to realize your revenue, charitable, and social impact goals.

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