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Kristi Hyllekve

Global Writing Authority, B2B, IT (AR, VR), Health, Horses, websites

An independent world traveler before it became “aventure du jour”, I have lived in 10 countries and traveled in and through 40+.

Why does this matter? Because I Write Words That Matter for the US market and globally.

Why limit your target market to 5.48% of the world’s population? Why keep your business rooted in the Contiguous 48? Isn’t time to dip your toes into the global market?

I will get you there.

Published writer and editor, global writing consultant for international corporations, and cultural intelligence coach and consultant.

Consider the iceberg: we see but a fraction of the iceberg; the rest lies hidden underneath, steering the course of the iceberg.

People, too, also have their iceberg: culture. Who we are as a people determines how we act and react to people, events, images, colors, numbers, hand gestures—and words,

Writing words that matter for you and for your target market. One size doesn’t fit all—ever.
Is the US your target market? I’ve written/edited websites and marketing material in this market for years.

You decide:

1) culturally correct English-only copy or

2) culturally correct English copy then all content localized into the language of your chosen target country. I manage it all.  
G11n and L20n: my professional focus for 27 years.

My professional areas of focus include:
B2B, IT (AR, VR), CQ, international travel, globalization , localization, health, and horses.

10 – number of years in the Antipodes—New Zealand—where I did my M.A. in Russian and taught.
10 – number of countries in which I lived, researched, worked, and where I studied their languages from basic to doctoral level plus teaching at a few universities.
19 – age when my life began as an independent, international traveler—living, traveling, and working in many countries, returning to the US to be with family and continue university studies in languages, literature, and all that impacts them.
40+ – number of countries I've traveled to and through.

Living in different countries means becoming aware of cultural priorities, learning a new language, and observing behaviors.
And it all lead to my becoming an expert in…

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): CQ lets me help you reach your audience with the right words, intonation, and colors in a culturally correct manner. There are 6 cultural markers. Do you know what they are?

Midwesterner—born and raised in Wisconsin, my Midwestern cultural perspective is deeply embedded. Over these past many years of study and travel, my cultural knowledge deepened.
But my Wisconsin-Norwegian “cultural iceberg” remains: honest, trustworthy, hard-working.

Trust me: I deliver high-quality work on time.
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Contact Kristi: [email protected]

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