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Lana Reid Waters

As a marketing and brand coach, publisher and long-term PLF strategy geek, Lana has the skills, knowledge, and passion for helping you turn your launch from just okay, to cart crushing awesomeness!

Lana has been a successful marketing and brand coach for many years. After an unusual series of events forced her to stop traveling and stay close to home for her family, Lana took that background and launched a successful magazine.

After several years of writing every page of copy for the magazine, helping people with their launch strategies and writing launch copy for both small and very large launches, Lana’s love of writing, coaching and the launch process won out.

She is known for having the uncanny ability to help people hone their niche and avatar, a process that is so important, that failing to clarify your audience will make any copy, no matter how masterful, fall flat.

She is also known for the interesting collection of rescue animals that roam her property and for her live streams and training videos shot from under the awning of her travel trailer or while taking a break on a hiking trail in a stunning and often remote area of the pacific northwest.

Lana has a firm grasp on product launch strategies and writes the kind of powerful copy that’s needed to crush your next launch.

If you’re looking for someone to write copy for your next product launch, can use help with strategy, or are just looking for someone who can write great launch copy to be your second set of eyes, so you can turn your present copy from just okay, to legendary, Lana is the copywriter for you.

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