REI Certified Copywriter

Leslie Nafus

Not all copy is created equal. 

Leslie is a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter who helps quality businesses write copy that gets results. 

She is an adventurer at heart who grew up in a back-to-basics lifestyle in the wilds of North Idaho and has lived in both Alaska and Hawaii. She has the honor of being a wife to a good husband and the joy of being a mom to five amazing human beings who inspire her every day. 

As a businesswoman Leslie founded, and ran, every aspect of a gluten-free bakery from scratch, serving both high-end hospitality and retail clientele in Maui, HI.

An entrepreneur with a background in marketing and the non-profit sector, she understands the tightrope most businesses walk between solving the problems and meeting the needs of their customers while making a profit. 

Leslie has helped:

  • visitors bureaus market their destination to hundreds of thousands of visitors
  • non-profits secure six-figure grants
  • virtual assistants get clients 
  • authors and coaches sell more books and programs 
  • real estate agents highlight specialty neighborhoods to buyers
  • provided marketing consultants with high-impact copy—all  through writing email sequences, sales pages, web content, and compelling storytelling 

Now she wants to help YOU get the copywriting your business needs to speak your customers’ language and change the world.

Take the next action. Book an appointment with Leslie TODAY to talk about how she can serve your business by helping you with great copy. 

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