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Marisa Shadrick

Your product or service deserves well-crafted words that will showcase the value and benefit of your offer.

You need a resilient copywriter like Marisa Shadrick.

So, what makes Marisa different? She’s an extraordinary woman who loves to produce extraordinary results.

Marisa understands that your subscribers, prospects, or clients are not just an email. They are real people, with real struggles, and real needs that you can reach through the art of copywriting.

Marisa thrives when she helps people succeed. Her ministry background taught her that emotional connection opens doors and possibilities. Words on a computer screen or Smartphone are powerful because they capture a person’s attention leading them to a solution or answer.

Marisa started writing and publishing articles over 15 years ago. Her passion for writing led her to become a copywriter, “I see my work as a ministry serving entrepreneurs so they can better steward the value they bring into this world.”

She has helped clients with…

  • Online marketing strategies
  • Email auto-response sequences
  • Sales Pages
  • Copy Critiques & Editing
  • Strategies for Startup Bloggers
  • Niche Taglines
  • Copy for Social Posts

Yes, Marisa is one of those Type-A, Enneagram 1, and Strength Finder Achievers, but not because of assessment test scores, “I love what I do, so it's easy to bring my best to the table.”  

Marisa believes in honoring people and helping them cultivate their gifts, expand their reach, and make a difference.

If you need help with your copy, Marisa is skilled, tenacious, and creative.

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