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Mury Sutherlin

Mury helps successful entrepreneurs and small business owners with sales between $1 and $3 million to escape the “work harder to make more money” ceiling that’s holding their business income and lives hostage.

Using his three-step More Money More Freedom System, he’ll help you upgrade your business success formula to a “work smarter not harder approach.”

This allows you to catapult your business profits without having to sacrifice everything you love to get there.

Whether you have no marketing, some marketing, or a proven marketing system in place, Mury can help you improve your sales and profit.

Mury is uniquely qualified to do this because he’s not just some number-savvy business guy, strategic marketer, or Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter…HE’S ALL THREE.

As a direct-response marketing consultant and copywriter, with more than a decade of number-crunching CPA skills, Mury can help you to:

  • Tune up the financial health of your business, uncover instant “hidden” profits, and prepare your business for next-level growth
  • Optimize your business and increase profits while simultaneously creating more “time freedom” to do the things you love most
  • Supercharge your sales messaging to automatically attract more of your best, most-profitable clients

It’s an ambitious goal…but Mury’s mission won’t be fulfilled until all successful, small-business owners can enjoy the fruits of their success AND add zeros to their bank accounts.

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