REI Certified Copywriter

Mury Sutherlin

Mury Sutherland

Mury helps small business owners attract more customers automatically by supercharging their marketing, so they can stop trading their vacation time for business growth.

As a direct-response marketing consultant and copywriter (that also has 10+ years “crunching numbers” as a CPA), Mury helps businesses with sales between $1 and $3 million to discover “hidden” customer-generating assets.

Mury can help you create a simple marketing system (and crystal-clear message) designed to attract and sell to YOUR customers. You’ll ignite the power of these assets and free up more of YOUR time to do the things you love in your business and your life.

Whether you have no marketing, some marketing, or a proven marketing system in place, Mury can help improve your sales.

It’s an ambitious goal…but Mury’s mission won’t be fulfilled until all successful, small-business owners can enjoy the fruits of their success AND add zeros to their bank accounts.

Contact Mury and schedule a FREE 30-minute Strategic Marketing Analysis.

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