Prosperous Business Coaching Mastermind Enrollment Agreement

By joining this program, I attest that I have read the terms and conditions of this offer and furthermore I understand, affirm and agree that no results reported in any Ray Edwards videos, manual, training courses, or any other material shall be interpreted as a promise of any income. All results reported are unusual and rare.

I understand that my depsosit payment of $2,500 (Two-thousand five hundred) does not automatically enroll me in the Prosperous Business Coaching Mastermind and that qualification depends upon my successful completion of a mandatory personal zoom coaching call with Ray Edwards.

When admitted to the program by Ray Edwards, I'll make arrangements to pay my balance in full or an agreed upon payment plan. If not admitted, my deposit will be refunded.

REFUNDS: I understand that my enrollment in the Prosperous Business Coaching Mastermind is a 12 month (one annual year) committment and that if I choose to leave the program, that my enrollment is non-refundable. I also acknowledge that I'm still liable for any payments remaining on my payment agreement, if I cancel my enrollment.

I can request any other assistance I may need at [email protected].

Other terms I have read and agree to:  Earnings Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms.