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Rebekah Chalkley

Rebekah has had a love for the written word ever since childhood. She majored in communications and then spent several years volunteering abroad in a number of different nonprofits before returning to the US to work and develop her career. The career came with a couple of twists and turns that ended up forming a useful backdrop to copywriting.

The first was a stint doing sales calls for an email marketing software company. This gave her the opportunity to have multiple conversations a day with small business owners. She got to know them and hear their challenges firsthand. (It also didn’t hurt to learn to sell, but talking on the phone all day was a bit too much for her little introvert self.)

From there, she became a content writer for a large marketing agency in Colorado, writing marketing copy for 45-55 clients per month. This expanded her abilities and taught her to work fast. It also gave her the chance to take a deeper dive into researching many different types of businesses, from local contractors and service businesses to SAAS companies to obscure niches. This allowed her to develop a deep and specific understanding of a wide range of audiences while she honed her craft.

Now that she is a copywriter, Rebekah harnesses all these background elements to create copy that resonates with the reader, speaks their language, points out their pain, and presents a compelling offer in order to result in a sale. Every word matters and Rebekah takes this craft very seriously. You as a client can expect excellent service paired with thoughtful execution when you work with Rebekah, so contact her today.

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