REI Certified Copywriter

Darren Bayne

If you’ve reached this page, you are vetting the people with Ray Edwards’ stamp of approval.  You won’t find any flakey copywriters on this list. 

What you want is the right fit to make your business and life better.

Let’s get this out of the way real quick. 

If you need:

  • Story-based email sequences
  • Sales pages
  • Copy editing

I’m your guy. 

If you are looking for someone to write your social media posts or your blog articles, I’m not the copywriter you are looking for.

What makes me unique?

I am a salesman who writes.  That’s important because copy is simply salesmanship in print.

I’m also a process guy.

If you love building processes to automate your business so you can enjoy your success, we will get along great.

But if you aren’t a “process person”, I can act as the yin to your yang.  This frees you to create and ad lib while I keep the project on track.

What does this look like if we talk?

Think of me as a physician.  My job is to ask questions about your business, your market, and your vision.

A lot of questions.

You deserve to be understood before the first word is written.

And the better I diagnose what you need, the better I can prescribe a course of treatment.

So, contact me for your business physical exam.

And the one difference between me and a real doctor? 

I’ll be on time.

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