#075: You Have Permission to Prosper [Podcast]

I had two conversations this week that prompted the topic of today's podcast. One had to do with weird Christian views about money, and the other had to do with a question about the business mission of my company.

This episode is going to be like one big Spiritual Foundations segment… So, if you're not into that, you might want to skip out until next week. However, if any of the following apply to you…

  • You ever wonder if it's okay to want to get rich.
  • Internal conflicts about money seem to slow you down.
  • Your Christian brothers and sisters judge or criticize you because you're so enthusiastic about business and success.
  • You wonder about how to reconcile the gospel with your desire to succeed in life.
  • The question of how to integrate your spiritual life with your business life seems to come up a lot.
  • You'd like an explanation of just what exactly my weird business is all about.

… Then this episode is definitely for you!

And if you're one of those people who loves it when somebody is WRONG ON THE INTERNET…  and you feel it's your job to set them straight… this is your show! You may disagree in the comments, but no name-calling, etc, Please disagree agreeably.


And here we go…

You Have Permission to Prosper

He sat across from me and stared me in the eye.

“It is scripturally wrong for a Christian to try to be rich.” He looked at me defiantly.

I gently tried to explain that he might not have the entire picture, but he was going to hear none of it.

This is a slightly fictionalized account of several conversations I've had over the last year or so. The other person in this story represents people who, when told what I do in my business, are quick to want to school me on why I'm wrong.

Worse, some of them told me that I'm leading people to hell.

This disturbed me somewhat.

Then I had a conversation with someone very close to me, in just the last week. This person, a member of my family, began to describe to me what they thought my business was about: “You write copy, and you teach other people how to write copy, and you sell a bunch of Internet marketing stuff.”

Well, no.

The answer to both of these misunderstandings is actually the same. So today, I'm going to revisit a post I made previously on this blog, and spell out very carefully what is the purpose of my businesses… what we do… and how it ties together with this conundrum of Christians and cash.

I really have one basic premise to offer you, and it is this: as a follower of Jesus you are entitled to prosper in every way. And that includes money. You have, straight from the pages of Scripture, permission to prosper.

My Marketplace Mission: 1,000 Millionaires.

I feel that God has prepared me for this very time to help demolish the mindsets of both poverty and greed that have a grip on so many.

I am privileged to be called to be part of the solution.

Our mission going forward, here at Ray Edwards International, Inc, is a very simple one: to mentor, foster, and lead 1,000 people to become millionaires.

Not to become millionaires for the reasons the world normally supposes people want to be rich. Not so that they can buy the biggest house, or the fastest sports car, or acquire the “most toys”.

Our aim (and my personal mission) is to develop “Kingdom millionaires”. People who seek to accumulate wealth in order to do the work of God’s kingdom. “Millionaire Missionaries”, if you will.

Leading 1,000 people to become millionaires means bringing one billion dollars into God’s Kingdom – money that will be used for His purposes.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the great privilege of working with many well-known marketers and thought-leaders.

Some of my clients are household names.

I’ve been able to contribute to their success, and my work has been responsible, in part, for bringing millions of dollars into those businesses and those personal fortunes.

Today, we continue to serve by bringing practical wisdom on how to start, run, and grow business period we do this through consulting services, coaching programs, seminars and workshops, instructional products, in writing books.

I have dedicated my work-all of it-to the building of God’s kingdom.

How? By continuing to help people and businesses create more wealth – but now with a renewed and more accurately-focused purpose. By being dedicated…

  • To the destruction of the poverty and greed mindset.
  • To the creation of new wealth.
  • To the alleviation of suffering, sickness, and poverty.

We are in a world at war. It’s Good against evil.

While evil wants to take over, we resist the idea of giving up a single inch of ground.

This is the sound of a revolution.

If You’re Receiving This Message, You Are The Resistance

If this resonates with you, if you want to be part of this revolution, I invite you to stick with me.

As dark as some people think tomorrow looks, we have a different view.

We believe the future is pregnant with promise, and we are committed to taking back tomorrow from the “gloom and doomers”.

So how can you join in?

First, and absolutely of most importance, make sure you are following Jesus. Accept Him as your Lord (your Master) and as your Savior. It’s not complex. All that is required:

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9

Next, if what I’ve said here seems to draw you toward it, then this is your place!

Subscribe to this blog, if you haven’t already.

Our values are reflected in the articles we publish, the podcasts we produce, the information products and books we make available.

I just got word that my new book has been accepted by the publisher, and we have an event scheduled for April 8-10. Both are called Permission to Prosper.

My teaching and materials reflect the principles of helping you build wealth from a foundation of Kingdom principles – for Kingdom purposes.

We will be together on the journey of true prosperity.

And like John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, I want you to prosper, even as your soul prospers.

I look forward to contributing to your success.

We have some exciting things in store for you.

In the meantime…

May you prosper wildly, and may you be radically blessed.

Question:    Have you struggled with any of the issues brought up in this podcast? Click here to leave your comments.


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Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Ivonne Teoh

    Hi Ray, always respect you for your integrity + value in what you offer. Have bought many of your programs and still happy! Many Christians are programmed for suffering/sacrifice with teaching inducing fear of rejection, fear of punishment by God [curse vs blessing], money is evil. Produces limiting beliefs about money, prosperity + success. I had to work hard to re-program myself. God is loving, wants us to succeed, be happy + prosperous. We can support worthy causes. But if we’ve struggling financially, we cannot help others. If someone is good at business + is passionate about it, then go for it! Many people ask what is their purpose but if look at what they’re good at, what they love to do…duh…that’s your mission!

    • Ivonne, I appreciate you sharing some of your journey with us. Thanks!

  • Hi Ray,

    I listened to this as I woke up this morning in bed. What an encouraging way to start the day.

    I’ve done it all. I grew up in an extremely poor home growing up. My family of 6 lived on $100 a week!

    I started a very successful business and gave my shares away before going into ministry and doing everything for free.

    Now just this week through understanding God’s heart to prosper me and as a direct response to your message I’ve actually brought out my first book. I’ve not sold much but it’s effectively doubled what my wife and I would have earned this month! For the first time in years I can pay the bills and look after my wife and still be the same radically generous person I endeavour to be without having to wonder where the money would come from!

    Thanks so much for taking the bold step to share this message! It’s one of the most needed messages in the world right now, especially for Christians who just don’t understand that money is amoral.

    Money does not make you good or bad, it simply magnifies who you are.

    If you were greedy and become a millionaire then your greed is just for larger figures now.

    If you were generous and you become a millionaire then your generosity is going to have a much bigger impact!

    Thanks again my friend! Looking forward to your conference in April on this topic!

    • Thank you Phil. It was amazing to me to discover that someone close to me wasn’t really clear on what were trying to accomplish with the podcast, the blog, and the business as a whole. So I felt it was time to re-clarify and restate our purpose, mission, and vision. I really appreciate your comments. And I’m certainly looking forward to seeing you at that conference. 🙂

  • Your podcasts are always thought-provoking Ray! I do believe that God blesses us so that we can bless others. If God calls us to take care of the poor and help heal the sick, which He does, it is easier to do so when we have some money to spread around. It is just very tempting to start thinking that we are well off through our OWN efforts, not through God’s richness, and that is why it is “harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle”. We must get down on our knees every day to say “thanks” and to ask for guidance about who needs help. WE are God’s hands and feet, and He needs us to take care of others in his name, giving God the glory all the time; not ourselves…

    • “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.”

      Thank you Deborah.

  • Through our charity World Teacher Aid, I’ve seen first hand that the more money I (we) make, the more impact we can have.

    • I’m deeply moved by what you are doing through World Teacher Aid. Thanks for chiming in.

  • Joan

    You’re such a breath of fresh (spirit) air in the business world. I enjoy your way of making Jesus the focus of every day, regardless of the activities in that day – so many people relegate God to a Sunday morning box, and He design desires to fellowship with us all day every day.

    This one podcast is a tremendous introduction to Jesus and the grand plans He has for each one of us.


    • Thank you very much Joan, I really appreciate the encouragement.

  • Ray, I also had a problem not getting your podcast from Downcast. I solved this by going into Downcast and re-selecting your podcast. It instantly downloaded the last 2 episodes and now this one. Interestingly it is listing it as a separate podcast from before. Not sure why but it is fixed now.
    Looking forward to meeting you at a conference down the road.

    • David, looking forward to meeting you as well. I still don’t know what the problem has been with the feed. We’re still looking into it.

  • Frank Deardurff

    Hey Ray, As always a great message that needs to be heard more.

    I agree with the “Stay away from the poverty mentality and the earthly trophies”. So many people keep quoting that Money is the root of all evil when it is actually the “love of” money.

    I think money is just a vehicle or resource for us to achieve what we’ve been “assigned” to do or achieve.

    I have to confess I fall prey to the geek toys but in the last couple of years my focus has been to simplify and think want vs need and steer away from impulse buys (like domain names for a good idea that isn’t really needed. lol).

    I have no doubt you will reach your 1k target and I look forward to hearing more about this.

    • Thank you very much Frank. I really respect you as a business person, and as a brother in the Lord. Your comments mean a lot.

  • I see you soldier. I’ve been following you for many years Ray. Recently retrieved my email subscription from an old account. So happy for you and your family. Keep up the great work!

  • Eileen

    As someone who doesn’t really go to church or espouse any organized religion, I found this podcast to be very reassuring. For the better part of two years, I engaged different people or programs in the personal development space and always was struck by their idea of doing it yourself or paying them $5K to lead you on the path to spiritual awareness. While money (or the size of my bank account) never really was a big issue, I was reluctant to part with that kind of cash because the thought always occurred to me that spirituality is intensely personal. While understanding the brain may help, the physical 3D world of 5 senses does not really have room for the 6th sense, which is where I believe spiritual growth emanates.

    When I heard that Ray went to study ministry, the first thought that came to my mind is “that is ONE minister I will listen to” and the reason: his inspiration and teachings (for lack of a better word) come from the Bible and his connection with Jesus; modern religions and even spiritual healers (on the internet) have succeeded in making Jesus nothing more than a historical figure of interest only to those scholars who study the Roman Empire.

    Ray is not the first person to talk about the Bible and prosperity. I know of stock market traders who study the Bible and really believe that God wants prosperity to all and it is our duty to be prosperous so that we can help others grow both spiritually and economically. This is a controversial topic among Christians and I am glad that someone of Ray’s stature and reputation finally speaks up to tell the world God wants us to prosper. Once I released the idea that prosperity means big expensive toys or even a big bank account, it was much easier to reconnect with Jesus and pursue wealth without greed stepping in and making it easier to talk about wealth with others who may or may not believe in Jesus.

    • Eileen, you are so kind to say these things. And I appreciate your insightful comments about money, markets, and especially about what makes a difference for people so that they will connect with Jesus.

  • James Stuart

    Hi Ray,

    This episode is so on point it’s unbelievable. I say, thank you so much for recording it. As a Christian this episode has awaken something within myself and has rekindled the fire. Daddy (God) spoke through you to deliver this… I’ve been around Daddy long enough to know what’s from Him and what isn’t. Some will bash you in forums as you said, no problem people did the same thing to Jesus so you’re in great company… this will plant a seed in others and many will come around in time. Then there are those like myself who recognize the value of this and who is really behind this and we will grab hold and run with it. Thank you for being you and continue to share. Daddy always has your back!

    • James, this is such an encouragement to me. Poppa (God) is good, he’s good at all times, and I know he takes good care of his kids. Thank you, and bless you James!

  • Maybe we’ll have time during a break to discuss this at the Wisdom Seminar in October. Your thoughts are sound, but there’s something much more nuanced and far grander that’s just over the horizon from what you’re seeing. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to chat about it…

    • We will have plenty of opportunity to talk while you are here in October. I only know what He shows me… and if he’s got something more to show me, I’m ready to see it.

  • Dennis McIntee

    Thanks for this episode Ray! Wow… As believers we have an “unfair advantage” that a friend of mine coined, The Believers Edge. When we naturally utilize spiritual gifts in business and hear from God, we not only succeed but more importantly we change people’s lives!

    • Earl Nightingale taught that the best definition of success is “the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.” Changing people’s lives, making an impact for the kingdom, what goal could be more worthwhile?

  • Ray, I really enjoyed this podcast. It was refreshing to hear your perspective. I gain some valuable nuggets to help me move forward in what God designed for me.

    • Bernard, thank you-I’m glad you found it helpful. And I’m excited to hear that you are seeking after what God designed you for. No better pursuit!

  • Kathleen Thompson

    As I listened and read the blog post and everyone’s comments, what came to mind is that this topic has several nuances that are not easily discussed in a forum such as this. I appreciate you, Ray, for starting the dialog. When I think about prosperity, it encompasses so much more than financial success. I think of rich relationships, bountiful gardens, meaningful work. Rather than passive comfort like the rich man in the story about Lazarus, there’s something active about prosperity. It’s about sharing our time, talents, and resources, whether small or large. It’s about believing that sharing and giving can enlarge the pie, rather than eat into our share.

    In my own life, I recently told one of my friends that my goal is to earn more and at the same time own less stuff. There is such freedom in holding things loosely; as Paul says, learning the secret of being content under all circumstances. Early in my adult life I did not earn enough to pay my bills. Yet God convinced me that it was right to tithe. As I took that step of faith, sometimes begrudgingly, God blessed me with unexpected resources. There was freedom in trusting God in the lean times. As I have earned more money, I’ve found there is freedom in trusting God as I give more away.

    • I like that: earn more, while holding things loosely.

    • You’re definitely right Kathleen, this is a deeply nuanced subject. It’s not as simple as people on either side of it might think, at first. That’s why Jesus spent so much time talking about it.

  • AllStarGalacticus

    Hi Ray, pretty much everything you write resonates with me. It’s not that I want to just nod my head and agree, but I actually find myself lining up with what you say. I’ve struggled for the longest time with poverty mindset and battled other believers in discussion on the topic. What I’ve found is that, though we say we serve the same God, I get accused for serving money rather than God. The sad part is that I am struggling HARD still, back in school to pursue a dream and a bright future that I believe a loving God offers. I believe in BIG. I know this is a season and I wait it out as I do all I can to hustle and make ends while I know there is SO MUCH MORE. I am inspired by what you write and it makes me believe in hope. I want to make a difference in this world and I know that settling for less is not the answer AT ALL. Thank you for speaking up Ray!

    • Thank you sir! I understand what it is to take some flak, and have people judge your motives unfairly. May God rest on you, and bless you mightily.

  • Annett Bone

    I knew that this was going to be another great episode of the Ray Edward Show!

    I was raised in a very strict, organized religion/culture so my views on God were very skewed. I have struggled with all of the issues that you brought up and had relationships change because my life choices are radically different than theirs. Initially there was a lot of hurt and anger associated with that, but now I choose to love them and find common ground even if we don’t agree.

    Thank you for an encouraging and much needed podcast episode Ray! 🙂

    • You and your family are an encouragement to everybody who knows you. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  • Ryan Jackson

    The positive responses below speak for themselves Ray – ignite that fire!

  • Daniel Deyette

    I appreciate your work, Ray.

  • Paul Pesti

    Hi Ray,

    Really enjoyed your podcast.
    It’s great to feel the passion and desire you have to see people set free from bondages in life. What you spoke has really touched me and helped me keep focused on the goal God has for me. I feel called to building a successful and prosperous business and pray that I could be able to grow my wealth in order to better bless others.
    God bless you Ray!

    • Thank you so much Paul. Bless you in your endeavors.

  • Edwin Soler

    Ray, I strongly disagree with this poor minded mentality that is preached everywhere! I agree 100% with your
    view. As long as it is Christ centered,
    God will lead the way. I myself and
    going through this metamorphosis of have a renewed RKMM (Renewed Kingdom Minded
    Mentality). When Jesus confronted Zacchaeus
    in Luke 19:1-10, Jesús never told him to return the money. It was in Zacchaeus heart to do so. What about the rich young man in Mark
    10:17-31. Jesus only quoted the last 6
    commandments that had to do with our relationship with fellow man but left the
    first four commandments out that dealt with our relationship with God. He did this on purpose because he knew where the
    young man’s heart really was. This is
    even clearer in Scripture:

    13 And
    one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide
    the inheritance with me.

    14 And
    he said unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?

    15 And
    he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life
    consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

    16 And
    he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought
    forth plentifully:

    17 And
    he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room
    where to bestow my fruits?

    18 And
    he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and
    there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.

    19 And
    I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take
    thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

    20 But
    God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee:
    then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?

    21 So
    is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

    I am so sick of this poverty preaching that only
    fattens short sighted minister’s vision so they can exalt themselves and push
    God aside. Too many people spend more on
    their monthly cell phone bills than what they send on their spiritual health
    all year. Yet they complain that they are
    poor. Ridiculous. You mentioned 1,000 millionaires and God will
    be giving you many more. Great
    post. By the way, it was not
    controversial, the truth is controversial enough and what you spoke is
    truth. God bless.

    • Thank you Edwin, I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  • Ray, I absolutely loved this podcast.

    If it wasn’t for the generosity of Barnabas in Acts, the gospel of Paul would not have thrived like it did.

    When I speak, I often tell people:
    “Everyone wants to reap a great harvest, until they realize the cost of the seed.”

    Ministry is expensive. God calls/allows certain individuals to be wildly successful for the sole purpose of funding the Great Commission.

    Everyone has different spiritual gifts. Giving is one of those gifts.

    When we are radical with our generosity, we get to be conduits for God’s miracles. It’s a lot of fun.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jim Palmer

    This is one powerful podcast! Ray beautifully and eloquently
    shared the truth about what drives success and makes success possible. Ray is a
    humble man, but I know personally how much guts it takes to ‘put yourself out there’
    and share you most private thoughts and beliefs. But alas, Ray also share where he gets the
    strength and drive to take on this task! I am so proud to call Ray a brother and

  • Ian L. Gordon

    Ray, I’ve just got back from vacation, and this podcast is what I have specifically been looking for. Someone to articulate my permission to prosper. This has really encouraged me to be focused on building the kingdom and I so appreciate your mentorship in this area. I will be one of those millionaires.

  • Johnny Lee Phillips

    Hi Ray! I just wanted to let you know that this podcast is the reason I follow you and listen to every podcast you put out. Because you undeniably speak the name of Jesus and there is POWER in HIS name. I plan to help you reach your goal because I will be one of your thousand millionaires for the kingdom. Thank you Ray Edwards! God Bless!

  • I just listened to this podcast. Thank you for being a positive force in the world. I have been seeing that God is working through a lot of different people, including you, to influence others to turn to Him. I’ve been noticing this in other podcasts and blogs I read. It’s awesome to see. Thank you.

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  • Leyla Maker

    Let me share with you something from ancient history. My father is descendant from the little village that was the founding place of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The name of the village is synonymy with the word banknote, money, cash, monetary and so on in the Semitic and neighboring countries. But while they made so much money, they were known for their belief in God and His character is in some way similar to the Pantocrator, we have a proverb that says “Naqada (name of the village), the place of worship and fasting (we know that fasting is a sign of humility), so while they made a lot of money and if you happen to study this civilization, you will find that it cared about the needy and the helpless, it was based on the principles of justice and never slaved people. In fact this little village had no poor and no needy people, not to mention how it changed the whole world. It was prosperity and money under the guidance of God that led to our civilization.

  • Devorah Cox

    Ray, truly you are blessed to be a blessing! I’ve been following you (and your son) for a couple of years and have gained a wealth of information from each presentation. Today was the best ever and you can believe I’m excited! “#075: You Have Permission to Prosper (Podcast)” is the answer to yesterday’s prayer and my confession that regardless of what it looks like, God is my Provider. I am so looking forward to becoming one of the thousand Kingdom millionaire missionaries. Thank you for allowing Jesus Christ to reign supreme in your life.

  • Thank you Ray,
    I too believe in Jesus Christ. I too believe God Raised HIM from the Dead.

    My service to entrepreneurs is that I produce their story into their audio book,
    including graphic book cover for only $197 complete.

    Mike Hayes

  • The truth you spoke is so simple, so profound. To acquire wealth for God’s Kingdom is a mission worthwhile, something I will undertake. Thank you for your bravery and honesty.

  • venus

    Loved listening to your show. I have been struggling back and fourth with prosperity mostly because of the fear that I will lose my humility. Hearing you made my outlook more positive. Thank you so much for sharing and because my hope is in Him, I look forward to becoming one of your kingdom millionaires. If I can be of any help to you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me. God Bless You.

  • Joseph Atta-Fynn

    Oh my, this is the first time I have had someone who is publicly unashamed about his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have “looked” long enough for you and today I think I have found you by His Grace. Thanks be to God.

  • It exists and will be published soon.

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  • Ray, you and I are very much on the same page, but whereas you appear to be focused on adults, I am focused on children, hence why I wrote my debut book about two young bunnies who escape a life of poverty for a life of abundance and prosperity on the other side of a big, green hill. It’s called Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series, and it’s available on Amazon. I’d love to get you and your family a free copy (or several, so you can help me donate them to good causes, such as Little Free Libraries in your area). If you would agree, I would love for you to help me spread the Word of God through my books inspirational story. What do you say?