7 Effortless Productivity Tips

Okay, let me ‘fess up… nothing in life is truly “effortless” – even breathing takes some effort. But these 7 tips are guaranteed to ramp up your productivity and they take very little effort. At least that’s been true for me.

  1. Have a morning routine that sets you up for success. Mine is summed up in this weird little mnemonic: WWW-B-PREP (which stands for Wake, Water, Walk, Bible, Pray, Eat, Plan). Takes me about 90 minutes to complete – and makes my day a “win” first thing. Your routine could be much simpler. Just sharing mine because it’s an example that is real.
  2. Get at least one block of “focus time” – where you work on your most important, profitable activity of the day – before you check email or voicemail.
  3. Use a digital timer to limit your time surfing the internet or “working” on your Social Media presence.
  4. Don’t take incoming calls. Screen them using voicemail.
  5. Return calls in one block of time each day.
  6. Return emails in one block of time each day.
  7. Keep your “to-do” lists in a context form: in other words, have different lists of things that can only be completed in a specific context. For example, have an “Errands” list of things you can do when you’re out and about; have a “Phone” list of all the people you need to call (with numbers) for those times when you have the energy and time to make calls; have an “Internet” list of things you can only do when you’re online. You’ll never wonder what to do in any given context once you have these lists. For more on his, get David Allens’ book, Getting Things Done.

What about you? Do you have productivity tips that help you get more done? Share them below!

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • I use 6 yellow legal pads. They are titled Personal to Do, Website To Do, Blog to Do, Home To Do, Urgent and Follow Up.

    Each night I go through and list my most important items to do the next day and number them in order of importance.

    Then, I just follow my revised list and cross them off the respective lists as they are accomplished

    • I love the simplicity of that! Thanks for sharing.

  • I have a similar morning routine but I'm going to use your acronym to make it more memorable. Definition of originality is forget where you got it 🙂 – all kidding aside these are 7 great tips.

  • I like the A-B-C prioritizing method. You create three folders and place either an “A”, “B”, or “C” on each folder. The “A” folder is for your top priority items to get done. Your “B” folder is for your medium priorities. And your “C” folder is for your lowest priorities. This does two things. First it forces you to think and organize what you need to get done in order. Second you will find that you are getting more productive/lucrative things done rather than doing a grab bag of tasks. You can set these same folders up on your desktop for similar use.