Case Study: $1.12 Million Dollar Launch

I got a royalty check from a client in my mailbox. That always makes me smile.

And as I was looking at that check, it made me think about how much fun this particular client is to work with — and I was reminded that I had an audio interview with this guy somewhere in my archives.

I found the interview, listened to it, and realized it's just as relevant as it was the day we recorded it. So I'm giving it to you today.

This interview is a case study from one of my clients. I present it for inspiration and education only, and there is nothing for sale (not that there's anything wrong with sellin' stuff, mind you).

I worked on this Product Launch with Real Estate teacher Jack Bosch back in 2008. That was almost two years ago. Jack remains a client of mine (he's still paying his royalties, like clockwork). This interview was recorded the day after we closed the cart on the launch.

It's worth noting that, on day two of our launch…it seemed luck was not with us.

On the second day of the launch, a massive US Financial Collapse began.

The largest bank failure in US History was in the headlines. And yet…

We brought in over $1.12 million in 7 days. (Please note: I'm not claiming you can do the same. Most launches don't do these kinds of numbers – this is definitely atypical… which is what makes it worth studying.)

Click Here To Listen To The $1.12 Million Launch Case Study With Ray Edwards

Listen to this case study interview and learn…

  • How a penniless immigrant with no money and no English made $1.12 million in just a single week.
  • The secrets that allowed Jack to create a massive info-product… assemble a team… and do a $1.12 million dollar launch in less than 3 months.
  • If you think you have no experience, no expertise, and no chance of success… once you hear Jack's story you will NEVER let those excuses hold you back again.
  • How Jack learned the secret of rapid product creation, and how it changed his life (his first ebook took him 5 months… while his massive 26-CD course and 400 page manual only took 8 weeks!).
  • The simple, easy-to-duplicate tactic that allowed Jack to create a 400 page workbook… without writing a word!
  • What gets people “stuck” in creating their own product, and the magic that dissolves those mental blocks and makes things happen.
  • Why Jack was shocked at my $30,000 retainer… and why he's now GLAD he paid that amount (and more).
  • Why copy is so important to JV partners — and it has NOTHING to do with the sales letter!
  • The power of having an organized approach to doing a product launch… and which pieces are critical to your success.
  • The “unexpected benefit” that brought in new JV partners like bees being drawn to honey… and it happened totally by accident (but from now on, Jack will be doing it on purpose).
  • How to develop content for your videos and other marketing pieces using the power of persuasion in print to make your VIDEOS and AUDIOS more profitable.
  • Why Jack was able to pull off a seven-figure launch even though disaster struck on Day 2… the largest bank failure in US History! (The secret tactic that allowed us to bring in 60% of our sales AFTER the bad news about the economy…and how you can apply this same secret in your own marketing).
  • The one critical element that accounted for $400,000 in sales that would not have happened otherwise (how much money are you leaving on the table right now because you're not doing this?).
  • The deadly pitfalls that can stop your launch (or your business) in its tracks… and the simple steps you can take to avoid them every time (the secrets of how Jack picked a launch date 3 months in advance and actually launched on that day!).
  • Why it's okay to start even before you “know what you're doing” — and why it might even be crucial that you do in fact “start before you're ready”.

Click Here To Listen To The $1.12 Million Launch Case Study With Ray Edwards

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at

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  • Hi Ray,

    For anyone who see's this, I just want to say that Ray Edwards,
    is a living legend in copywriting, and you can't find a more savvy
    internet marketer.

    I studied with Ray for 8 glorious weeks, and I still refer to
    the course on a daily basis, as I write my copy.

    I can NOT recommend Ray Edwards highly enough.

    He is the crown jewel of copywriting, bar none.

    Did I mention he's really cool?

    Thank you Ray, I'm forever in your debt…

    On the square,
    Jeff Davis

    • Hey Jeff… thanks for the compliments! I sure appreciate it.

      This interview audio should be encouraging to anyone who wants to get started (or start over) in the info-publishing business.

  • Rob Metras

    Ray is my favorite understated, insightful,playful and talented copywriter on the planet. I too have taken his courses and appreciate his wisdom.

    Did you know he is also a master MOTIVATOR also.

    I too like Jeff think he is savvy thoughtful guy, who thrives on helping others achieve their goals.

    Appreciated the case study.

    • Thanks Rob — much appreciated. Boy, I hope I can squeeze my head through the office door when it's time to go home…



  • Congrats Ray (and Jack)!

    The interview is dynamite… lots of excellent nuggets – thanks for making it available.

    • Thanks Stu.

      Jack is the ideal client: motivated, focused, and determined to follow successful models that have been proven to work.

      That's why even though I have cut way back on working with clients, I was delighted to work with Jack on this project and beyond.


  • Ray, I really appreciate how you don't hold back in these interviews. You give actionable advice every single time. I can’t wait to start your 4-week coaching program!

    Jack, your story is inspiring. Congratulations!

    • Tom

      I'm burning a little “midnight oil” making final preparations for that class even as we speak (or, um, type, as the case may be).


  • sr22310

    Thanks for a great interview Ray.

    Jack is a walking, talking example of the “Immigrant Mindset” in action, and a shining example of what can happen when you get out of your own way.

    I'll take 10 more interviews just like this one – to go please
    Rock On,

  • sr22310

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for bringing us Jack's. Gotta love the “Immigrant Mindset” model for winning in America (even without Uncle Sam, imagine that – oops, I digress).

    Keep em coming & Rock On,

    Mark Henderson

    • Thanks Mark, and you're right… it's time we stopped counting on
      Uncle Sam to be our rescuer.


      • Who is Uncle Sam? Where did that term come from?

        • Uncle Sam = United States. According to Wikipedia: “Uncle Sam is the national personification of the United States and sometimes more specifically of the American government, with the first usage of the term dating from the War of 1812.” There's more here: