Discover Your Greatest Resource

Group of happy elderly men laughing and talkingYour greatest resource is not something you own.

It is not even knowledge that you posses, or a skill or talent.

Your greatest resource – the key to your next big success, to your fulfilling your destiny, is people.

It’s the people you know already. You don’t need to go meet someone new, or get a “key contact” in your network.

You need to mine the gold that is already under your feet.

Sit down and make a list of everyone you know.  Ideally, put a phone number beside each name.

Next, start dialing.  Talk to everyone you know and ask the “magic question”…

“How can I help you today?”

You might need to phrase that question differently for each person, but the spirit of the question remains the same.  Don’t ask with the idea that you are somehow going to manipulate people into helping you (as a “reciprocity play”).  Ask out of the genuine desire to help other people.

When you do this, one of the results will be the return on your investment.  People will do things to help you.

You will discover that you already have “key contacts” in your network that you didn’t know about.  That there are customers, clients, investors, joint venture partners, and friends you didn’t know you had.

Truly, your greatest resource is other people.

Why not take the time to do the exercise I suggested above, and start making the most of that resource?

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One thought on “Discover Your Greatest Resource

  1. Whoa! I catch myself thinking that I need to meet more new people, and realize how many people I’ve met the past year that I can get to know better and serve. Thanks for the reminder!