How To Split-Test Sales Letters

testing.jpgThe Story: It’s easy to get started with split-testing.

The Point: Anyone can increase their conversions by using simple split-testing.

The Resource: Website Optimizer

Here’s the easiest way I know of to start testing (one hour or less):

1. Get a Google account (use the link).
2. Set up your first test.
3. Get the test started.

What do you think?

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One thought on “How To Split-Test Sales Letters

  1. I’ve used Google Website Optimizer quite a bit. I like it a lot.

    One thing to watch out for: Last week I discovered a guy who had swiped the code from one of my sites. He forgot to delete my tracking scripts. So traffic going to his web site was throwing my stats off!

    I had to email him and ask him to delete the tracking scripts from his site.