iPhone Marketing Lessons

iphone_home.gifThe Story: Apple took what most considered a commodity – cellphones – and created a new category.

How did they do that?

The Point: We already know how to do what Apple did. We just don't like to do it.

It takes imagination.

It takes guts.

It takes money.

The Resource: Apple

3 Ways To Use iPhone-style Marketing In Your Business:

1. Do what others do… in a way that is infinitely more cool.
2. Marry good function with oustanding form (packaging).
3. Fill the experience of doing business with you with pleasant little surprises.
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  • This is very good. Please continue with this style of education / communication


    Andrew Smith
    New Zealand

  • Ray Edwards


    Thanks, I have to give credit where it’s due: Alex Mandossian came up with this approach for his site http://WednesdayMinute.com .

  • sam

    as always ray, this was great – i have been getting all of your free offerings,, accepting them with much gratitude.

    thanks for being there..

    not only are your marketing messsages useful but your innate warmth and sincerity is a real treat.

  • All of Apples contemporaries should fear Apple, as they always come out fresh and on the top with each new introduction in the market place as far as I’m concerned. You have further strengthened my belief with this podcast. Great stuff Ray. I look forward to each and every one of your casts. Thanks for your insights.

  • Successful people are willing to do what losers don’t want to.

    The iphone launch was the best viral buzz I’ve seen to date.

    • Ray Edwards

      One key to their success: the product lives up to the hype.

  • Ed Erickson

    Their Macbook and iMac lines are as beautiful and elegant as the iPod and the iPhone. One thing that I’ve gotten a kick out of the past year is looking closely at the laptop in the picture of many adverts—you know the ones with the very happy laptop owner, sitting down with a cup of coffee, doing her banking, surfing online, etc.

    I’d say that 90% of the time it’s a Macbook Pro with the Apple photoshopped out. It is the quintessential, elegant choice. Smooth lines. Beautiful to look at. Thin and lightweight. And that is just the outside.

    Then when you start using it, you fall in love with it’s great features and the streamlined workflow of OSX.

    Their devoted to excellence and elegant form and function. I switched July 2006. Now I’m a mac-evangelist. Though I still use Windows a lot.

    Don’t be afraid to change the world. Dream big.

  • Apple has mastered the art of intuitive design. I think that’s a major reason for their success with the iPod, iPhone, etc.

    I’m actually not much of a gadget guy, myself. But I happened to bump into an old friend at Starbucks who had an iPhone. He showed me how it worked and I was totally blown away. All of a sudden, I wanted one!

    Think about that. All he did was demonstrate the product and I was ready to buy. That’s powerful.

  • Let’s Ride That Wave!

    With all these new gadgets being sold,
    Lets show them how to get more use out of them.
    Teach them how to use it
    and then provide content for them to use.

    According to
    iphone specs of interest to marketers:

    – Connects to a computer via USB 2.0 .
    – Comes with an 8 gig flash drive memory.
    – 3.5″ diagnal widescreen display.
    – 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi.
    – Audio formats supported: MP3, WAV and more.
    – Video formats supported: 640×480,.mp4 and .mov
    – 7 hr video battery life.

    Repackage your content to meet those specs.
    Just like teaching people how to right click
    give them specific steps how to use their iphone.