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rei-sbmThe Story: Brand new Ray Edwards Show podcast — all about marketing and productivity.

The Point: Getting the podcast off the ground, despite being on the road in the RV and despite slightly crappy audio. We’ve got two episodes in the can, and the audio turned out to be not as good as I would have hoped. BUT… in the spirit of getting things done, I’m releasing them anyway. Audio will get better, I promise.

And if you have feedback or suggestions I’d really like to hear from you. What would make the show something you would NOT miss? What would make it a MUST-LISTEN?

The Resource From “Tips, Tools and Tactics”: Unique Article Wizard

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16 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Small Business Marketing Podcast in iTunes

  1. Ray,

    It's interesting that talk about this as this was part of a discussion topic for a
    webinar I was on.

    I learned a while back that whatever we focus on, we get more of. I also learned not to
    let my weaknesses become a hindrance. I simply just find someone who's an expert at
    the things that I find challenge and have them do the work me.

    I like the point that made about using your weaknesses as strength… which is another
    interesting topic of itself.

    I found this post to great.



  2. Hello,
    I didn't have any problem w/ your audio. It was fine, must be one of your “tendencies”, to be a perfectionist about audio stuff. 🙂
    When you said that you wanted to roll out the podcasts as a “show”, did you envision it as a one man show, or would you consider having the occasional guest expert on as well? I usually perk up my ears when I hear certain people's names, in reference to interviews.
    I do like free info as much as the next person and would appreciate having a question answered on the podcast that I had previously sent in before air time. So maybe a short chunk of air time devoted to listener questions? Not knowing how much time you are planning to be on air, I'm not sure what you would be able to manage without cutting into the content you have plans to relate to us.

    Sorry, it's very hot here and my brain is not allowing for concise articulation of thought.
    Hope this helps you. I enjoyed the info you related. How do you feel about using wikipedia to get an authority link?

    • Kathy,

      Thanks for the comments – and they are good ones!

      I definitely plan on having guests. I have a lot of pals in the business world who have lots of wisdom, and I plan on calling in a few favors!

      As for listener Q&A – I think that's also a great idea. So consider that suggestion taken, as well!

      In reference to your Wikipedia question, I don't think it's a bad thing but I wouldn't hang my marketing on that. And frankly I don't know how much it helps you. But it sure doesn't hurt.

      • Hello Ray,
        Thank you for replying.
        I'm on your list, so when you have more podcasts, let me know and I'll do my best to get to it. It's nice that you give people the ability to listen to the podcast after it's over.

  3. Hi Ray,

    Nice touch on putting this together. Looking forward to what you have in the can, and more to come.
    Your speaking style lends to thought provoking insight and looking at what makes us tick, especially in
    the realm of online marketing and business.

    I didn't find the audio all that bad. However, though the opening background intro “music-noise” was a little over the top, it does grab your attention – might be too loud to match to your style. 🙂

    Take care!
    Paul Klein

  4. Good information. What I think would be beneficial is a podcast devoted to topics that increase search engine rankings. For example, one week it could be about back links; the next week it could be about directories. Then a couple of shows where you actually have guests where you ask questions submitted by readers.

  5. Hi Ray, I liked your new style of podcasting a lot. A few well thought out tips, a relaxed tempo. And as for the content, I couldn't agree more with the need to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths.. it's so much easier to live by your own standards anyway. 🙂 Also, thanks for the reminder about being selective about clients – gave me an idea about how to rewrite my service offering page, which I've been sort of conflicted about. Good stuff! 🙂