Tap The Profit Power of Niche Marketing


The Story: If you sell to narrowly focused niches, you’ll make more money.

The Point: A lot of people say “niche marketing” is dead; nothing could be further from the truth.

The Resource: “5k In 30 Days”

5 steps to your niche market empire fast and easy:

1. Locate a product.
2. Set up your sales page and testing software.
3. Link payment pages to Clickbank or Paypal.
4. Use Adwords to drive traffic.
5. Repeat.

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3 thoughts on “Tap The Profit Power of Niche Marketing

  1. Ray! What a great podcast to end a super Labor Day weekend and
    start a new season…full of common sense, practical (as usual) and
    easy to implement. THis is why I believe in your coaching so much…sort’ve blow through alot of technobabble…thanks so much!