DreamStorming™ Workshop

This intense three-day workshop will walk you through a proven process (DreamStorming™) that helps you discover your Life Message, articulate it, and capture it in a book. This sets you on a journey to turn your Life Message into your Life Work.

Even if you think you are not a writer, I promise you can (and will) create a legacy-worthy book in an incredibly short period of time. 100% of our attendees have generated the concept, title, and complete outline of their book… and written at least part of it… in the workshop itself. Some attendees have completed their entire book in the three days. And this is not some “junk” book to be used only as a “lead generator”; this is a book you can be proud of, and share with family, friends, and colleagues.

Please note: attendance is by application only, and the mere ability to pay does not guarantee admission.