Free One-Page Copywriting Guide

Does giving stuff away for free — in the clear, with no email required — work as a way to get new readers, more traffic, and subscribers?

Let's find out.

Today I'm giving away a “Mind Map” (a visual outline) that gives you an overview of the keys to writing effective copy.

Whether you're writing email copy, a blog post, a sales page, or a sermon – the same principles apply. This mind-map is a great tool to clarify your writing and make it more persuasive. You might thing of it as a one-page copywriting course.

Click here to download the full-size, suitable-for-printing Copywriting Overview Mind Map.

No email required.

If you like this, and want me to offer up more free resources like this in the future, my request is simple: spread the word. I'll be watching the number of “like” button submissions and re-tweets on Twitter. If it makes sense (based on response), I'll have more “in the clear” freebies for you in the near future.

No promises – this is an experiment.

Call in your questions or comments to our new, fancy “request line” at (509) 713-2679

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