Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Story time.

It was a few years ago.

I was running a successful copywriting and consulting business.

I was also working about 80 hours a week.

It was November, the holidays were approaching, and I had decided I was not going to work until after the first of January.

Frankly, I was burnt out.

Get Paid What You're Worth

The phone rang.

On the other end, a high-profile prospect, referred to me by one of my other clients. This guy, let's call him Adam (not his real name), wanted me to write a sales letter for him.

I really did not want to do the work, but I also did not want to say no. So I decided to price myself out of his reach, thus forcing HIM to say no.

Now, at this time in my career I was charging about $7,500 to write a sales letter.

So when Adam asked me how much it would be to write his sales letter, I took a deep breath and told him, “That will be $15,000, all payable up front.”

I waited for him to inevitably tell me that was out of his budget range. Instead, he said, “Would a check be okay?”

I just about fell off my chair.

I took the assignment, and decided I was okay with working a little bit more after all. Since that time, my fees have continued to escalate.

For example, here are some of my most recent fees for work I did for clients:

  • I get a $2,500 monthly retainer to write a few e-mails each month for one client.
  • For another client, I am paid a $7,500 monthly retainer, mainly for consulting, with a little bit of copywriting work thrown in.
  • Earlier this year, one of my many repeat clients paid me $20,000 simply to do a quick rewrite of a sales letter. (He has been over-the-moon happy with the sales that resulted, BTW!)
  • The most recent product launch I worked on, I was paid $50,000 plus a percentage on the sales.

That's just a sampling. Now, I realize…

I've already lost some readers, simply because I quoted these numbers.

But please understand, I am not sharing these numbers to impress you. I'm also not sharing these numbers as a promise that you will ever be able to make the same kind of money. You and I both know it would be foolish for me to promise something like that…

…because I don't really know what you're capable of, what your commitment level is, nor can I predict the future.

What I *am* trying to tell you is this:

I learned a valuable lesson that cold and snowy November when I thought doubling my fees would mean not getting the assignment.

It's a lesson that I continue to learn even today.

It's the reason why I get the outrageously high fees that I am paid, time after time.

It's the reason why my clients are happy to pay me these amounts, and why it's a good deal for them.

NOTE: the “secret” is not (a) being the best copywriter or (b) being a good salesman. It's something deeper than that.

And here's where YOU come in…

If you can “get” the lesson contained in my experience, YOU can get paid more as well.

How much more?

I have no idea.

But imagine what your life would be like, if you did the same work that you know and love now, but you were paid DOUBLE for it.

Or how would your life change if you were paid TRIPLE the amount you currently make?

Think with me for a moment…

What would your life be like if you suddenly found you could work less hours, and get paid TEN TIMES your previous income?

I cannot promise that this will happen. But what I can do is share with you the experience of exactly how (and why) it happened for me.

And not just for me, but for my friends and colleagues as well. So that is exactly what I'm going to do…

...share that information with you.

I'm going to share it in a free training webinar event.

This will be a live webinar (not recorded), so you must attend if you want to get the benefit of the free training.

You can register for the webinar (which is scheduled for Wednesday, 30th May at 9 PM Eastern), by clicking the link below:

One more thing.

One VERY important thing.

I promise you, there will be nothing for sale on this webinar.

Now let me be clear: I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a training webinar and then offering a valuable product at the end. I do many such webinars myself.

But this one is different.

I plan to give you the very best distillation I possibly can of how you can multiply your income by a factor of 10.

I should stress one last time, I cannot and do not guarantee that you will in fact be able to do that.

All I can do is tell you how I have done it, and how others I know have done it, and how I believe it's POSSIBLE that you can do the same.

My goal is that you will leave the webinar with tools you can put to work immediately (that evening, or the next day) and begin to see results.

This really is a new kind of thing for me, but I feel that the time has come to share this openly.

If this is right for you, go ahead and register for your seat on the webinar right now:

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at