Jeff Walker – Naked!

Jeff Walker – naked?

Okay, I'm sorry if I made you spit your Starbucks all over your laptop.

But you need to see this video from Jeff Walker.

Don't worry, he's not PHYSICALLY naked… but he does “bare all” when it comes to product launches.

So, he's “kind of naked”.

Jeff answers some of the toughest questions about these big product launches, like:

  • Do you need a big list to do a product launch?
  • Will these things work for YOUR business?
  • And other TOUGH questions.

No “softball” questions.


Check it out.

Talk Later,

Ray Edwards

PS – Just to let you know, at the END of the video Jeff does talk a little about his upcoming Product Launch Formula 3.0… and it's really interesting to hear about some of the REALLY new stuff that's going to be in it. Worth watching and learning from:

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