More Money Method #9: Online Wheeling & Dealing

This little strategy will not appeal to everyone, because it is less about “info marketing”, and more about “wheeling and dealing”. But it can be a sure source of quick cash for those willing to do the work.

What makes this strategy different from some of the others on the following two points:

The strategy focuses only on physical products.

You have your phone ringing off the hook with people who want to sell their products to you dirt cheap!

So here's how it works… First, you figure out what product you're going to sell. Maybe you're going to sell antique pocket watches, baseball cards, unusual artwork, or other items of that nature. Just make sure that there are loads of people already buying this stuff.

Next, you need to quickly educate yourself about these products. This is pretty easy to do online, especially if there is a “community” of people who are interested in the stuff you're going to be selling. Do a little research on eBay and Google to find out how much interest there is in the specific items you've chosen.

Next, just find cheap sources of the same products. Once you've done your initial research (like looking at closed eBay auctions), you'll have some idea of what the minimum prices your items can be sold for might be. Then all you have to do is find a good source of buying those items below that price. Craigslist is a good place to start.

I realize this idea will not appeal to everyone, but trust me: it has legs. This dog will hunt. If you're the kind of person whose juices are already flowing over this idea, I recommend you get to work. You have cash in hand by this weekend.

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