The Creator Economy

This week, there is much to discuss. Here in the US, Americans are getting set for Thanksgiving and the retail holiday that follows, Black Friday.

For the first time, my company is participating in Black Friday. Tune in and I'll give you the reasons why we are (and why you should be, too…even if you are exclusively online).

But that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I also want to make a very clear point: You are a writer…Even if you don't think you are. I'll teach ways to improve your persuasive writing by organizing bits of knowledge into blocks of information you can use to create original, compelling content.

And of course, I'll discuss the title of this week's episode: The Creator Economy

  • [00:17] You are a writer
  • [03:26] The numbers matter
  • [05:28] What is marketing?
  • [07:10] What is Black Friday
  • [09:19] Using the calendar to join the conversation
  • [11:47] Why you should have a Black Friday deal
  • [14:16] But I don't have a retail store…
  • [16:29] Paying attention to what's happening in the culture
  • [17:35] Reaping the rewards from your ideas
  • [20:05] Your backup brain
  • [20:47] The magic notebook
  • [24:44] Great sales copy is assembled…not written
  • [28:36] Organizing your blocks in a meaningful way
  • [31:32] Product Launches
  • [34:25] Putting it to work for you
  • [35:44] The Creator Economy
  • [38:01] Capitalism in it's purist form
  • [39:26] The transparency era
  • [41:57] What's the point?


How To Take Smart Notes – Sönke Ahrens

Building A Second Brain – Tiago Forte`

Our First Black Friday Deal – Get an incredible course (previously $500) to help you start your own, profitable writing business for only $7, through the end of Cyber Monday

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