#015: 3 Stupid Lies That Keep You Broke [Podcast]

Are you living under the influence of one of these 3 stupid lies that keep you broke?

Graham Cooke says, “When you believe a lie, you empower the liar.” Stop doin' that! Today we'll talk about the truths that can set you free.

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I do this show to help you build the business you dream of and live the life you deserve. I show people like you ideas on how to start and grow an online business you'll love for less than $100. The economy doesn't dictate your fate, the politicians won't save your bacon, it's up to entrepreneurs like you and me! Start a business… save the world!

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Feature Story: 3 Stupid Lies That Keep You Broke

  1. The economy is the problem.
  2. You can't make it these days without credit cards and borrowing money.
  3. It costs too much and is too risky to start a business of your own.

Lies, lies, lies! And when you listen to the podcast you'll know why they are lies and how to escape from them.

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  • Hi Ray,
    I’m a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts.  When Tony Dungy coached the Colts to a Super Bowl championship he put a sign prominently in the locker room and many other places which stated, “No Excuses, No Explanations!”  It was the coaches direct message to the entire organization and really to the entire community that excellence and production was expected and there would be no whining and no excuses to the contrary.  The super bowl trophy is a testament to the results of this approach.
    In my life I’ve adopted what I call the “No More BS Directive”  This is in part a response to parenting two teenage boys and my constant battle with the entitlement culture we live in.  Moreover, It is a directive to myself and the lies and excuses, of which I’ve used all three that you outline here, and many others such as lack of time and too much to do.  This mind game has distracted me from what is really important in life and producing writing and ideas which serve my definate major purpose rather than the urgent and yet unnecessary, to invoke the the late Steven Covey’s four quadrant approach.
    Today I find myself in Cartagena, Columbia where I toured the desperate poverty in the barrios here.  I am working with a foundation which does micro-enterprising and micro-loans to help desperately poor, but motivated, people to start their own business.  There I saw a woman who received a $50 micro-loan and started a small ice cream shop out of her own home in a barrios crumbling with poverty and gang violence.  She has grown the business in two years to the point where she supports her five children as single mother and has expanded the business 3 times and has paid back 100% of her loans to the foundation.
    Now, if this lady can accomplish this starting from literally nothing, then any excuses I come up with for starting  my business are indeed LAME!
    So, I’m starting a business to save the world!
    Be God’s
    Robert Miller

    •  @bestprac Robert, I too am a big fan of coach Dungy – and I love the  “No Excuses, No Explanations!” approach!

  • fischerls

    I really liked this podcast. I can feel your passion for your subject. I agree with you that these are lies. I also have to confess that I have listened and even said a few of them but no more. It is a new day. A “Ray day”. I also love that you recognize that the true saving is done by Christ and Christ alone.

    •  @fischerls  Larry, always good to read your comments. I too have listened and even said all of these, at one point or another. I think we all need a reminder of God’s goodness, his grace, and the fact that he has good plans for his children.