Is a 10% Sales Conversion Rate Good?

In the Internet Marketing world, a 10% conversion rate is often considered outstanding.

But is it?

Not really.

Online retailers do much better.

Check out Futurenow's posting on “the top 10 converting websites for December 2008“.

Here are the top five:

1. ProFlowers 31.1%
2. LL Bean 25.7%
3. Amazon 23.7%
4. VitaCost 23.0%
5. Coldwater Creek 22.4%


What do they know that you don't? Something to think about.

If you're not already getting at least 10% conversions, I suggest reading this site.

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  • Ray,

    I'm new to this whole conversion thing. I launched last week. So far 20 opt-in prospects and five sales. I think having QUALIFIED traffic, those people who pre-select themselves to be open to your offer whether it be flowers, clothes, books is the key to a decent conversion rate. And of course, a killer sales letter! (that's where you come in, Ray!)

    Sherrie Rose
    The Love Linguist™

  • MaxKazen

    Killer sales letter — even though you say it's only the third most important thing for 10% conversion. It took me a couple of reads, though, to figure out this wasn't YOUR report, but someone else's.

  • Ehmm..follow the every detail in sales letter that has a high convertion.

    You’ll be blast.

    Swipe it.


    Juri Saragih

  • You're comparing apples and oranges.

    If somebody visits, they are READY to shop and buy.
    If somebody types in “How to Set My Copywriting Rates” and reaches a landing page selling an eBook on setting rates for only $29.95, they are not ready to buy since they were wanting the answer for free.

    So what do they know that you don't? I'm not sure. But what have they done that you haven't? They've attracted actual prospects that are ready to buy rather than just attracting people who are somewhat interested.

    • Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation, Chad. You raise a good point… and I thnk there's more to the story too. Such as: what they do at the site to increase conversion. It's about the pre-frame, yes. It's about the copy, yes. And it's also about more than these.

  • Hah! please don't tell me that a 10% conversion rate isn't good!! I'm pretty happy to have just made it that far.

  • I wish i could get to even close to 10% conversion rate…would make you very wealthy I think. Picking the right market is important as well.

  • Your conversion numbers conflict with allot of other websites reporting conversiont rates for the exact same websites.

    An example of the average numbers i found.

    Website Conversion Rate
    Proflowers 14.1%
    Coldwater Creek 13.3% 13.0%
    QVC 12.8%
    Office Depot 12.4%
    eBay 11.5%
    Land’s End 11.5% 11.2% 10.0% 9.6%

    If these are true then 10% seems to be a VERY good number indeed.
    So im wondering where your getting your numbers.

    • The numbers are different now because the post was published in 2009 – three years ago!