#102: 5 Reasons To Simplify [Podcast]

My “one word” for this year is: simplify. Why did I choose that word, and what does it mean to you?


In this episode, I will share five good reasons why you should consider simplifying, too. Also coming up…

  • How to write like Hemingway.
  • Stu McLaren with the Lifestyle Business Report.
  • The One Copywriting Rule That You Must Follow.
  • Now let’s get on with it…

Is It Selfish to Set Boundaries?

As a follower of Jesus, I find that it sometimes feels awkward to set boundaries in my life.


As you can imagine, because of this blog and my podcast I get lots of requests from people for “just five minutes” of my time… to have coffee… to be interviewed… or even to work on a project pro bono, because it’s “for the Lord”.

“Watch (or Listen To) My Interview on What the Speak”
by Bryan Kelly

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What The Speak
February 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.23.18 AM

 I was honored when Bryan Kelly invited me to be a guest on his new show, What the Speak. He has had some incredible guests on the show already, and it was humbling to be included in such great company.

Bryan is one of the most skillful interviewers I’ve ever worked with, and is very good at drawing out answers from his guests. This is an important skill to master if you’re going to do interviews, and I highly recommend watching and/or listening to Bryan’s show. He offers it in both video and audio formats.

#101: My New Morning Productivity Routine [Podcast]

I believe the way you start your day determines how it will end; productive and happy, or frustrated and fruitless.  That’s why I put so much focus on my morning routine,  which is the foundation of my personal “Productivity Protocol”.  My morning routine is an intentional set of activities designed to set me up for the best possible day. With the right routine in place, I believe we can make our best days better, and perhaps even salvage what might have been a “bad day.”

Bronze vintage alarm clock

If you are familiar with my work, I have written about this before. But my routine has changed , and I have refined my process. On today’s show, I will pull back the curtain on my newly re-engineered morning routine. Also coming up…

  • The Post-It Note ToDo System.
  • Stu McLaren returns.
  • A super-simple copy outline.
  • Now let’s get on with it…