#192: Donald Miller On Selling With Stories

Would you like the closest thing to a “silver bullet” when it comes to marketing your business? Here it is: tell good stories.


But you must tell them in a very specific way, or this tactic can backfire. Fear not! This week I’m having a conversation with Donald Miller, who knows how to tell a great marketing story. Don shares some of his very best techniques with us in this interview. You’ll learn…

  • How Don discovered the power of story to sell products.
  • The single most important character in your marketing story.
  • How to use story in your marketing to sell more of … virtually anything at all.
  • And much, much more.

My Essential Podcast List

How and Why I Slashed My Podcast Listening

Ever since I read the book Essentialism, I have been engaged in “the disciplined pursuit of less”. As the book’s author, Greg McKeown, explains in this interview with Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt, the main point of the book is not simply saying “no” to things. It is, rather, saying “yes” to only the right things. Take podcasts, for instance…