#208: 7 Questions to Resurrect Your Passion

Ever notice how you’re excited at the beginning of a new thing – like a project, a client, your business, or even your relationships? It’s like you’re on fire, but with time the passion often fades.

7 questions to resurrrect you passion

How do you resurrect that passion when the fire seems like it’s gone out?

  • The best way we’ve found to share your best photos and be inspired by others.

  • How to become visionary!

  • …and our featured segment… 7 Questions to Resurrect Your Passion…

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#207: Questions About Grace

Last week’s Faith Friday episode, What’s So Amazing About Grace? sure stirred up some commentary. And some questions. And some outright disagreement.

Ray Edwards Show Episode 207

A few of the questions raised by that episode:

  • Is it true that I, Ray Edwards, do not pray for my sins to be forgiven?
  • Did I really say that nothing Jesus said before His resurrection applies to Christians today?
  • Do I think it’s okay for Christians to live a life of sin because they are “under Grace”?

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#206: Joel Comm on Success, Failure, and Flying Monkeys

New York Time Best Selling Author Spills the Beans

It’s another deep-dive conversation, this week with Joel Comm.

Episode 206

Joel Comm is..

  • The guy still owns one of the first 18,00 websites on the entire internet.
  • The author of the best-selling book on Twitter.
  • The man who built a company and sold it to Yahoo!

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#205: 7 Sentences to Change Your Life

One of the biggest problems in our lives is that little thing called our tongue. The good news is this troublesome little powerhouse can also be one our biggest blessings, when used properly. In this episode…

Episode 205
  • How to have peace in the midst of chaos, trouble, and problems
  • How To Rule Over Your Day
  • …and our featured segment… 7 Sentences To Change Your Life…

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#204: What’s So Amazing About Grace?

If You Have to Ask, You Don't "Get It"

We continue our experiment for the new year – a “Faith Friday” Spiritual Foundations edition of the Ray Edwards Show. Please let me know if you like these and want them to continue. If they are serving you, I’ll keep publishing them.

Episode 204

Sometimes I am asked, “Ray, why are you so hung up on a basic teaching like ‘grace’? What’s so amazing about Grace? Didn’t you go to Sunday School?” In this episode I share:

  • Why a revelation of the True Gospel of Grace is so important to you.
  • The secret to living without fear of death.
  • Why you can be sure the Lord is “with you”, no matter what.
  • How to know you’re not “out of fellowship” with God.
  • The reason and nature of “schizophrenic Christianity” – and what we must do about it.
  • The hidden factor that can rob you of your ability to receive God’s goodness, blessings and favor in your life.
  • What “your part” is in the relationship with God.

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