How to Sell More of Whatever You Sell

Phase 4 of Business Development - Marketing

It’s time for Phase 4 – MARKETING!


Let’s recap the first 3 phases first, because these must be done before you get to Phase 4…

Phase 1: Problem-Pain-Person, Initial Analysis (The ‘P’ from the Pastor Framework)

  • What problem are you solving?
  • What is the pain the person is experiencing?
  • Who is the person feeling this pain?

Phase 2: Product

  • How are you solving this problem?
  • This is the stuff.
  • Course? Coaching? Physical Product?
  • When will it be ready?

Armand Morin

Phase 3: Copy

  • Go through Copy Academy (the entire thing… not just the quick start module), and write the first draft of your sales letter.
  • We Review

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