#241 How to Prosper With Purpose

Last week’s episode was a hot one – as we covered how to promote and sell your products and services online. If you haven’t listened to episode #240 of The Ray Edwards Show, we recommend that you do so.

Ray Edwards Show Episode 241

This week, we’re tackling the issue that really holds most people back – their conflicting beliefs about money and prosperity. And even if you were born after 1990, even if you were raised on Adam Smith and your mama read you bedtime stories by Ayn Rand… you probably still have some of these inner conflicts you’re gonna have to deal with someday if you ever want to reach your full entrepreneurial potential.

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#240 How to Promote Your Products

Last week we discussed packaging your passion – turning your wisdom and experience into a knowledge product. We covered the 3 converging marketplace forces that make that possible.

How to Promote Your Products - Ray Edwards Podcast Episode  240

This week, we’ll assume you’ve identified your passion and decided how to package it. So, how do you sell it? How do your promote your product?

Anyone with a good product can promote it – by mastering a specific method of persuasive communication. Copywriting.

Today we’ll give you a basic framework for that, plus some cool cheat sheets you can use right away.

That, plus we SOLVE the “Instagram Problem”, and provide you with a secret backdoor to the Copywriting Academy LIVE conference… a $5,000 conference you can attend for FREE.


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