#118: How To Be Productive, Profitable, and Happy [Podcast]

Have you ever noticed that over the years, you tend to do pretty much the same things? What I mean is, if you’re a reader you remain one, if you’re a writer you tend to write, if you’re a procrastinator you tend to keep procrastinating, and so forth. The key to being productive, profitable, and happy is not in changing your nature. It’s in learning to turn your nature to your advantage.


In this week’s episode, I’ll share some ideas on how to do just that.


#117: How To Deal With Abusive Customers [Podcast]

There’s a saying: “The customer is always right.” But what about customers who are abusive, dishonest, and bullying? Are they always right? I think not. And you must protect yourself and your staff from these bullies.

Furious woman

In this week’s episode, I share 7 tips for handling abusive or “problem” customers.


Pick Ray’s Brain

I am no longer accepting one-one-one clients for copywriting or coaching work. The reason why is because my own business is growing so rapidly I have no time to work on someone else’s.

Soft lighted cup table chairs

My focus these days is on writing, speaking, and developing scalable training programs (for instance, video training products.) I could never serve as many people if I limited my work to one-on-one copywriting and consulting.

But there is a downside: and that is, there are many people who need my help… who ask for my help… and for whom I have no answer.

Until now.

Here are ways you can get free advice and information from me. In other words, here’s how you can “pick my brain”…

  1. On my blog I write about a variety of topics related to business, entrepreneurship, marketing, copywriting, and more. There are hundreds of pages of articles, and how-to information. It’s all free.
  2. Every week I publish some of my best thinking in the form of a podcast – a weekly online radio show. We haven’t missed a show in 116 weeks running, as I write these words. This is also free.
  3. I offer a variety of “knowledge products” – books, audio programs, video programs, and courses. In these “knowledge products”, I distill the information I would share if we were working one-on-one and hand it to you on a silver platter. The advantage: you can get what you need, and it’s just as easy for me to teach 10,000 people this way as it is to teach 1 person. Scalable.

These three solutions have been helpful to many. But recently I had a new idea. What if you could…

Ask Your Question, And I Will Answer

Ask whatever burning question is on your mind, be it about business, writing, or even spiritual matters. Submit the question… and I will answer it here on the blog.

You get to “pick my brain”, and I get to share the answers with all my readers. This means that all my readers can benefit and learn from my answers, not jut one reader.

A few ground-rules…

  1. If I think your question is irrelevant, malicious, or weird, I won’t answer it. I won’t explain why I won’t answer it. And I won’t argue with you about it. Life’s too short for either of us to waste it that way.
  2. My answers are my opinion. I’m just some guy on the internet. So take everything I say with a grain of salt, do your own research, and take responsibility for your own decisions.
  3. I don’t offer any legal, medical, or financial advice. I only offer my opinion. If you need advice about legal, accounting, medical, or financial matters, go see a professional.
  4. Ask questions, but please don’t write me a story. A question is a single sentence that ends with a question mark. Please limit yourself to a single question. Don’t write out your complete background story before asking your question.
  5. Please don’t email us to ask “Where’s my answer?” We will not be able to respond to communications inquiring about if/when we will answer a certain question.

That’s about it. Go ahead and submit your question in the form below. And start “picking my brain.”

Pick Ray's Brain



Podcast Delayed This Week

This week’s podcast will be delayed until Friday, because of some unavoidable disruptions in my schedule… but there will be an episode this week. I don’t want this to be the week I break the streak!

#116: Jeff Walker, Product Launch Formula, And A Life Of Grace [Podcast]

There is one online business teacher whose students have created over half a BILLION dollars in sales, using his methods. He also happens to be one of the most graceful people I know. Now, he has written a book that distills down the core elements of his training, and it’s just been released.

Space transport

In this week’s episode, I spend some time talking with my friend Jeff Walker about his new book, Launch (as of this writing, if you click here you can get the book for free… no joke.)


How To Write A Book In 30 Days Or Less

I have a question for you… do you feel like you “have a book inside of you”, but just never seem to get around to writing it? Have you ever wondered why you don’t ever seem to get that book written? Maybe you tell yourself you’ll do it “someday”.

Let me tell you the truth: “someday” is usually code for “never”.

#115: Podcast Top 40 Countdown [Podcast]

When I was 14 years old, I was inspired to get into radio because I loved listening to “American Top 40″. It was a countdown show of the 40 most popular songs on the radio each week, hosted by Casey Casum. This week, I’m sharing the top 40 podcasts I listen to, with a little explanation of why you might want to check them out.


I will also identify the podcasts I absolutely do not miss, ever. And I’ll share the 3 very popular podcasts I instantly did NOT like. Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • How to get Jeff Walker’s new book, Launch, for free!
  • An interview with Strategic Living Podcast host Brian Holmes.
  • Contest where you can win our recent $797 training for FREE…

How To Make Your Employees Do What You Want

Do it yourself first. Allow me to tell you a brief story that will explain how this works.


When I moved to Spokane Washington in 1996, I went to work for a man named Steve Cody.

Cody ran the group of radio stations that I myself would one day be charged with overseeing, but at that time he hired me as the program director of the group’s country station.

Within a few days of my arrival, our station hosted a live on-site broadcast. When I showed up, Cody was already there, helping set up the radio station’s tent and hang the banner.

I just stood and stared for a moment, as I’ve never seen a radio station General Manager dirty his hands with something so mundane as putting up a tent or hanging a station banner at a sponsor’s remote broadcast.

Over the next couple of weeks, I noticed that Cody was always the first person to show up at the office and the last person to leave. I talked to people who worked with him for a long time, and learned there was a general respect for him I had never encountered before.

One of the younger staff members said to me at lunch one day, “The thing about Steve Cody is, he will never ask you to do something he’s not willing to do himself. So I will do anything asks me to do.”

In all the years that Steve and I worked together, I never heard him give a staff talk about motivation, commitment, loyalty, or work ethic. He just lived out those values, and people following him.

The message you are preaching is not nearly as persuasive as the message you are living.

Are You Interested Or Committed?

Are you interested or are you committed? This question is where the rubber meets the road. This is where I might lose you.

english breakfast

Some people will say, “Oh yeah, I’m interested in having my own business!” They’ll read what I have to say, or listen to a podcast, they’ll nod their heads and say, “That sounds like a good idea.”

But they won’t actually go out and do it.

They won’t do what it takes.

They won’t buy the educational materials, the books that are recommended, or attend the training events. They won’t read Think and Grow Rich.

They won’t invest in themselves and get the continuing education they need, or find a mentor.

There’s a lesson to be learned about commitment from breakfast. “When it comes to breakfast, the chicken is interested, but the pig is committed.”

It’s one thing to lay an egg and contribute that to breakfast; it’s another thing entirely to give yourself up to be the bacon.

How about you? Are you interested or are you committed?

#114: How To Automate Success [Podcast]

What if you could automate success? What if you would set a few things in motion that, if not guaranteeing your success, would automatically increase the likelihood of success … in all areas of your life?

Hand holding card

In today’s episode I share how controlling 5 “environments” greatly increases the odds of your success. Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • A proven way to turn your blog into a business, and a powerful strategy for writing posts that go viral.
  • What do we do when God seems silent?
  • Contest where you can win our recent $797 training for FREE…