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#231: Business On Earth As It Is In Heaven

The Practical Guide to Supernatural Business

Andy Mason is a remarkable man, doing remarkable work: helping small business owners and world-class CEO’s bring the supernatural realm into the world of business. In this interview, you’ll find out…

#231 Business On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  • How a real-life shepherd had an “Abraham moment” – and took his family around the globe as a result.
  • Why God is interested in your business success.
  • The difference between the “prosperity gospel” and  the “poverty gospel”.
  • How you can get God’s help in your business.
  • And so much more!

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The Dawn of Justice in Business

How to Be the Superhero Your Clients Are Looking for!

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Captain America … these superheroes evoke something deep inside of us to be great! We fantasize about their special powers and we cheer their stand for justice and all that is good.

Dawn of Justice

The superhero movies bring out the child in us. No wonder they’ve done so well. Remember back to when you were a kid. All we had to do was put on the mask and don the cape. Then we were the superhero!