#068: How I Create My Podcast [Podcast]

One of the most common questions I get is this: “Ray, how do you create your podcast each week?” In this week's episode, I'll give the most complete answer ever. And I'll walk you through my workflow for creating this podcast.

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  • JV Alert, July 26-28
  • NAMS Conference, August 9-11
  • SCORRE Conference, October 14-17
  • Platform Conference, November 3-5

Tip Of The Week

The Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 is my new carry-on, along with Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes. Allows me to travel with just one bag for a 3-day conference. Thanks to Chris Brogan and Michael Hyatt for the tip.

Packing Pro. This app is my new method of choice for a packing checklist.

Spiritual Foundations

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew [11:28]

A few nights ago, I had serious trouble sleeping. I lay awake staring at the ceiling, reviewing the many responsibilities and tasks that lay before me the next day. Although I was weary, I could not rest. Finally, I spoke aloud to Jesus, and gave him my list of things I was worried about. He took my list, and I fell asleep.

Sometimes we just need to take the promises of the Bible at face value. We don't need to understand the Greek, or have an exegetical analysis performed by a trained theologian.

If you know Jesus, he has promised to give you rest. Whatever you're dealing with, whether it's financial, emotional, physical, or anything else, he sees you. He's already promised to give you rest. To take over your heavy burden. You can just ask. He will give you peace.

Feature Segment: How I Create My Podcast

First things first. Just about everything I learned about podcasting, I learned from Cliff Ravenscraft. He is the Podcast Answer Man. I will share how I create my podcast, but for the detailed tutorials and instruction you need on the subject, I recommend Cliff's material without reservation.

Ray's  Podcast Gear

Ray's Podcast Workflow

  1. Decide on topic
  2. Fill in SCORRE template
  3. Fill-in podcast Show Prep template
  4. Assemble audio clips
  5. Records show “live” to digital audio recorder
  6. Transfer show from SD card to MacBook Air
  7. Process audio using Adobe audition
  8. Export audio of show to MP3 format
  9. Use ID3 tag software to tag MP3 file
  10. Upload MP3 file to Libsyn
  11. Add media link to post
  12. Preview post and double check all links, copy, and the audio file
  13. Schedule show for publication

Want To Be On Next Week's Show?

My topic for next week's show is “Monetizing Your Message”. If you have a question on that topic, you can ask by visiting my voicemail page (just click here to leave a message). This is a great way to promote your own website. First, make sure you have a great question, and then start off by saying your name and your website. If your question is used on the show, will even include a link back to your site in the show notes.

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